Is Abu Simbel in Egypt worth to visit?

I will go to Egypt in late May, just wonder if Abu Simbel is worth to be visited while I need to take 5 hrs transportation to/fr this site. Base on the Abu Simbel is not on the original site now, a lot of similar temples and statues in Egypt and would like to stay in Aswan to have a look of its daily life, so I want to skip Abu Simbel. Should I do that?

Please kindly advice. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes, there are many temples in Egypt, but this is the temple being named world heritage by UN. It is giant in term of size. It was moved sometime ago, but it is still at good look based on the quality of temples in Egypt.

    I am not sure what would you know about Aswan daily life and what you will do in Aswan. As I went Egypt by joining HK tour agent and not able to have time to know more about the ppl there, what I felt the life of people there are rather simple.

    I would say if there is nothing special you want to take a look in Aswan, why don't you go and take a look the world heritage although it really takes time to go there.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's a great temple that you MUST go,

    極宏偉, 但係方圓百里無遮擋,

    我幾年前8月去, 4x 度高温下, 暴哂住去參觀,

    但係真係好靚, 係咁多個景點最靚之一,

    我個團坐船遊尼羅河各個廟, 睇lai 睇去都差唔多,

    但係去到abu simbel真係眼前一亮!

    我當年跟團, 都有團友唔去,

    我都有lum過咁貴(要搭內陸機去) 係咪值得去,

    但係都洗咗咁多錢去埃及, 差少少點解唔去埋呢?


    又唔知會係幾時lu bor?

    同埋古蹟呢d野真係好難講ga ma, 點知會唔會忽然俾人破壞咗gar!

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