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急須 !! 請大家幫幫忙 !短篇英文翻譯


報告用的 有點急///

自然界中,每一物種都有某些遺傳上的疾病,不適生存的生物皆會遭到 自然淘汰。但在人為的繁殖下,許多被培育出來的犬種,卻只是為了具有好看的 外表,便於參加比賽或狗展。在一昧強調符合外貌標準和維持血統純正的情況下,繁殖者常採取近親交配或忽視遺傳性疾病,導致犬隻健康問題的惡性循環,


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nature, each species have certain genetic diseases, are not the biological survival will be by natural selection. But in artificial reproduction, produced by the many breeds, but only for a nice appearance, ease in a contest or dog shows. Yimei stressed in the appearance and maintenance standards descent pure circumstances, reproduction, often overlooked or taken inbreeding and genetic diseases, health problems caused dogs to the vicious circle

    This phenomenon is called "genetic abuse"

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