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The graduates performed in English drama - Nwe little women very successful, but the great performances, a small Japanese group's drama is quite good, and very exciting.

I think no matter which group is in each performance of the students are also good, of course, in the process, or some small misunderstandings, arguments, and the views are substandard, but we are very tough, very serious efforts to complete its The do, but also survive, let everyone more united, really great.

I am impressed by what the illness is Beth those dead, is the most moving, because the press will let you read tearful, is very moving. There are profound, in the second dance, as here, will make people feel good laugh, but will leave you happy atmosphere.

Finally, the hard work we started from the summer recess in September, would be prepared, and this time around also Thank you for guiding us to the drama teacher. . Etc.. And we also understand that some of the things we grow, also left good memories. We understand the solidarity to do is not an easy task, because it experienced different views, arguments, happy, sad process, will leave this beautiful results, it is really successful.





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    I made corrections on both grammar and English usage. Here it is.

    The graduates performed very successful in the play - New Little Women. It was a great performance by a small Japanese group.

    I think that the performance was great no matter which group performed in the play. Even though it was not a highly professional play, we worked very hard and took it very seriously. There were of course some small misunderstandings and arguments during the process; however, we survived, became great friends and were more united as a group.

    I was especially moved by the scenes of Beth’s illness and those who died. There were, however, humorous scenes that made you laugh and happy.

    Finally, our hard work starting from last summer was well paid off. We would like to thank the guidance from our drama teacher. We have grown a lot from this play as we encountered different views and arguments with happy and sad moments. We understood that team work was most important and working solidarity would not lead us to this successful outcome and leave us great memory.

    Source(s): Myself. Studied English abroad at the age of 11. Tutored English as an Undergrad. A project manager in the US since 1992.
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    畢業生履行在英語戲劇 - Nwe很少的女人非常成功的,但是偉大的履行,小的日本的團體的戲劇是挺好,和非常令人興奮的人.

    我認為聚合在每個的履行的學生的不論是也好, 當然,在這過程, 某些小誤解, 辯論, 和這景點是不合規格, 但是我們是非常粗暴, 非常嚴重努力到完全它的這做, 但是也生還者, 讓每個人更多聯合的, 真棒.

    我被獲得深刻印象附近什麼疾病是貝絲那些的死者,是最移動,因為按將讓你讀含淚的,是可歌可泣. 有深刻的,在第2個舞蹈,當做在這裡,會使人覺得舒服笑,但是將離開你快樂的大氣.

    最後,這努力工作我們出發從這夏天休息在九月, 將會是準備好的, 和這時間四處也感謝你為了導向我們到這戲劇老師. . 等等. 和我們也瞭解某些的東西我們種植,也離開好記憶. 我們瞭解團結確實不是容易的任務,因為它經歷不同的景點,辯論, 快樂,憂愁的過程,會離開這美麗的結果,它真正地是成功的.

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