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    耳朵 ear:The walls have ears. 隔牆有耳

    眼睛 eye:Beauty is in the eye of beholder. 情人眼裏出西施

       eye:To see eye to eye. 眼睛看眼睛(看法一致)

       eye:An eye for an eye. 以眼還眼(以牙還牙)

    鼻子 nose:You should keep your nose clean. 你的鼻子要保持乾淨(別惹事)

       nose:Pay through the nose. 從鼻子付錢(付了一筆過高的價錢)

    嘴巴 mouth:Look a gift horse in the mouth. 送你馬還嫌嘴歪(吹毛求疵)

    舌頭 tongue:Did the cat bite you tongue?


    牙齒 tooth:Mom made me clean my room with tooth and nail.


    頭  head:Better be the head of an ass than tail of a horse.


       head:Two heads are better than one. 兩個頭比一個好(集思廣益)

    頭髮 hair:To make someone's hair curl. 讓某人的頭髮捲起來(嚇得讓人頭髮站起來)

    脖子 neck:Save someone's neck 救人的脖子(救人一命或幫忙解決問題)

    肩膀 shoulder:A shoulder to cry on. 可以讓你哭(依賴)的肩膀

       shoulder:shoulder to shoulder. 肩並肩(在一起的友誼)

    手  hand:A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 一鳥在手勝於兩鳥在林

       hand:Hand in glove 手都在一個手套裡(狼狽為奸)

    手掌 palm:I've got it in the palm of my hand. 一切掌握在我手中

    手指 finger:She has a finger in every pie.

          她把手指頭放到每個派裡(對任何事都很好奇, 或都參與)

    大母指 thumb:I am all thumbs. 我滿手都是大母指(笨手笨腳, 因為大母指不靈活)

    手臂 arm:At arm's length 手臂之交(不想成為太熟的朋友, 跟斷臂之交是相反的)

    手肘 elbow:Let's bend the elbows tonight. 今晚彎手肘吧(不醉不歸)

    背  back:Do not speak ill of others behind their backs. 不要在背後說人壞話

    皮膚 skin:Beauty is but skin deep. 美貌是膚淺的

    血  blood:Blood is thicker than water. 血濃於水

    心  heart:Faint heart never won fair lady.


    胸 chest:I need to get it off my chest.


    骨頭 bone:I was chilled to the bone. 我冷到骨頭裡了

          I must cut my living expenses to the bone.


    肉  flesh:The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.


    胃 stomach:The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


    膝蓋 knee:Bring someone to their knees 讓某人膝跪下(將某人打敗或羞辱)

    腿  leg:Pull someone's leg 扯後腿

    單腳 foot:Get off on the wrong foot 起錯腳了(一開起就錯了, 或誤會了)

       foot:Have one foot in the grave 一腳已經踏入棺材了

    雙腳 feet:Put your feet on the ground. 腳踏實地

    腳指頭 toe:I am on my toes. 我在我腳指頭上了(我準備好了)

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