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求pink 紅粉佳人的”love song”中文歌詞~~~~

求pink 紅粉佳人的"love song"中文歌詞~~~~

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    Pink-- Love Song 愛的歌曲

    I've never written a love song 我從未寫一首愛的歌曲

    That didn't end in tears. 這不會在淚水裡結束

    Maybe you'll rewrite my love song 也許你將重新改寫我們愛的歌曲

    If you can replace my fears. 如果你能替代我的害怕

    I need your patience and guidance 我需要你的耐心和指引

    And all your lovin' and more. 所有你的愛還要更多

    When thunder rolls through my life 當雷聲在我人生裡響徹著

    Will you be able to weather the storm? 你能夠渡過難關嗎?

    There's so much I would give ya, baby 這裡有好多我想給你的,寶貝

    If I'd only let myself. 如果我只有自己

    There's this well of emotions 這份情感

    I feel I must protect. 我覺得我必須保護

    But what's the point of this armor 但這盔甲的重點是什麼

    If it keeps the love away, too? 如果它也讓愛遠離?

    I'd rather bleed with cuts of love 我寧願為愛情割傷而流血

    Than live without any scars. 也不願活著而沒有任何傷疤

    Baby, can I trust this? 寶貝, 我能相信嗎?

    Or do all things end? 又或者結束這一切?

    I need to hear that you'll die for me 我要聽見你會為我而死

    Again and again and again. 一次一次 又一次

    So tell me when you look in my eyes 所以告訴我當你看著我的雙眼時

    Can you share all the pain and happy times. 你能分享所有的痛苦和喜樂嗎?

    'Cause I will love you for the rest of my life. 因為我會用我的餘生來愛你

    This is my very first love song 這是我最最初愛的歌曲

    That didn't end in tears. 那不會在淚水裡結束

    I think you re-wrote my love song 我想你已經重新改寫我愛的歌曲

    for the rest of my years. 用我的餘生

    I will love you for the rest of my life. 我會用我的餘生來愛你

    翻完之後還蠻感動的. (歌曲感動啦.)

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