Paralegal Certificate?

What is a paralegal certificate and how long does it take to earn it and what kind of jobs prefer it! also is there a 2 or 4 year thing

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A paralegal certificate is a certificate which one obtains to show that they have completed their school's requirements in paralegal studies.

    The length of time it takes to complete depends on the school.

    Here is a list of ABA-approved paralegal programs in the US:

    You are better off getting an AA/AS or BA/BS in paralegal studies from a reputable college. You may be able to find a 2-year college (community college, junior college, city college) that offers the 2-year degree (AA/AS) and you can get your general studies done there for cheaper than a university. CA has at least one which is ABA-approved (Pasadena City College). Then, you can transfer to a university to get your bachelor's degree in paralegal studies. But you should still be able to find a job with the AA/AS.

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