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Why do people think that french fries dipped in ice cream tastes bad??

Most of the people havnt tried it and they say its "icky". anyway have you tried and do you like it or not??

I also LUV pickles dipped in chocolate lol no joke


Shawna, that thing with the preserves sounds really good!!! Now ill have to try it lol

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    Oh I just love dipping french fries in my milk shake. Especially in a Frosty at Wendy's.

    But I know what you mean----lots of people think it's gross. At least the people eating at the table with me lol.

    My daughter likes it now too, after she finally tried it.

    Since I only allow fast food twice a month, she can hardly wait for her Frosty with fries.

    By the way: Our other fast food is Popeyes chicken. We always order the fries ,smothered in gravy, and I always seem to have to explain why we eat that. It's just a taste thing.

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    Its not odd but the pickles in chocolate, thats a new

    I do Pizza Bianca but with out the Thyme, I use mint and dipped in Nutella all the time its soooooooooooo good. The salty crunch with the creamy sweet chocolaty flavor of the Nutella hmmmmmmm, and the cool bite of the mint So yummy. Got this one from Giada De Laurentiis on one of her shows. Congrats Giada best wishes

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    I think only some people feel that way. Fries dipped in a chocolate shake is terrible for your health, but easy on the tastebuds. Don't knock it til you try it people!

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    I actually like french fries and chocolate sauce. (went through bad break up and ate everything) tastes very good.

    Another thing I tried was flank steak and strawberry preserves, I am always cooking and trying new things and this one is very good.

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    The sweet and salty combination is so yummy. Pickles and chocolate sounds interesting. I will definately give that a try.

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    Its because they have different taste buds and sometimes your not used to it and sometimes it looks gross and they think they might puke if they eat it or sometimes people say they dont but they do just so they can be normal people have different tastes and senses

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    I LOVE fries dipped in ice cream.

    I even got my hubby to like it!

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    I have never had a single person tell me that they don't like these things.

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    It's the hot greasy combo with cold creamy taste


    That was your question, right?

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