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Ok, no offense to anyone here but..?

What is so special about Edge right now? I mean, Im still a fan of his and everything but I dont see why people treat him like a god. Currently, he has barely even been winning matches cleanly, and making him look like a coward on Smackdown 2 weeks ago with him and Vickie in the spa. Edge used to be a good heel wrestler but now he is just not the same anymore. No offense to the Edge fans, just sayin my opinion.


Also, the KOTR was bad in the middle of it then it just stooped down low. I didnt want Punk to win it at first but then he went against Regal in the finals..hmmm not good for Mr. MITB Cm Punk. But, my point is, is that Im noticing more Cm Punk haters then before he won Money in the Bank or even before he won the ECW title. I admit I was a little mad he beat Punk tonight but, Im over that. There is no difference from the Cm Punk from when he won the ECW Title to right now. People will probably say "he doesnt deserve his push" but IMO, he does. He has been in the WWE and is entertaining in my opinion. He worked his way to the top, hell he should have his push. To all of you who dont think he should get his push, explain why.

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    The first person to call Edge a "coward" on Answers was Gary V (that's me). My opinion of him has not changed. I don't need to explain why he's a coward, you see it yourself. The Wrestlemania match with the Undertaker was proof that Edge can still deliver very high-quality wrestling matches (second best match of that night, after Flair vs Michaels). But why is that high-quality so rare now? Age? Injuries? Lost his passion? You can't blame his lackluster ring-work on "the writers". Yeah, the stupid run-ins and constant interference, you can, but not his own poor performances.

    Your question was, why does Edge have so many rabid fans? I have two possible explanations. One, they don't know any better; they have never seen a really good heel at work. Ric Flair in the NWA, Col. DeBeers in the AWA, Kevin Sullivan (everywhere he worked), Michael Hayes in WCCW, Roddy Piper in the WWF, all great heels. Edge is NOTHING like them, but he is pushed as the top heel so the newer fans think that is what a heel is supposed to be like. And two, it's still "cool" to cheer for heels, and Edge is pushed as the top heel so he gets the most cheers from them. The first reason, you can blame Vince McMahon and the fans' own limited experience for. The second reason is just dumb but a LOT of fans do cheer for heels because they think it's "cool". I don't understand the whole "cheer for the bad guy" thing myself. Why would anybody cheer for somebody who is a coward, a thief, a backstabber, a liar?

    "Edge is great on the mic." No, he's not. He just whines and complains. You want to see a great heel who's great on the mic, check out Ric Flair and Roddy Piper, Michael Hayes and Arn Anderson, Bobby Heenan and Jim Cornette. Edge is not even in their league.

    CM Punk is one of the better performers in the WWE, his matches are generally the highlights of any card. His matches are exciting with a lot of great action in them. He has paid his dues and deserves a good push. There are a lot of people who don't like success (in others) and will start to find faults with those that do succeed, even to the point of nitpicky trivial things. Really nothing you can do about them. They're very close-minded and just want to complain. And some have never liked Punk and have never considered him worthy of any push. I feel the same way about Orton and always have. I see that he does have talent but I just plain don't like him; I have no problem with those that do, though.

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    Edge Isn't a God,He is simply a wrestler,Before he was a good heel wrestler that didn't need help every time in his matches,now he is just a cowardly heel that can't win a match without interference,i want the old Edge back,not this Edge that can't be a good heel and is treated like the greatest wrestler ever.

    In my opinion i thought KOTR Was very good,i thought it was great when Regal won,i think Regal deserved it alot more then punk with how long Regal has been in the business,CM Punk may deserve his push,there is nothing wrong with him,but tell me,Why Didn't Chris "The Lionheart" "Y2J" Jericho Win?sorry,i was pulling for him in the MITB Match and KOTR,Ah well,Regal's was very well deserved for what he has done for the business,also he is a great wrestler that very well may be the most underrated wrestler in the WWE in my opinion.

    **Starred**Great question,something that brought out a good answer from me,Not all questions do that.

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    Agreed.Edge has become the top heel on SD now, he doesn't need to push himself anymore.Like you say, he's not even winning cleanly and relying on La Familia to back him up.Even with The Brood or with Christian back in the day, this wouldn't happen.Edge has become the established heel on SD and has gotten stale.

    Angles with Vickie are not the way to go and only makes his status even worse.Attitude Era Edge wouldn't be involved with segments like foot massages or strawberries and cream etc.Instead of a foot makeover, Edge really needs a character makeover.

    As for CM Punk,he deserved the MITB win and his push as main event headliner.As you say, he's worked hard since joining from ROH and developed the "WWE way" of wrestling.But in a way i'm glad Regal was win the KOTR.It's a swerve on the fans which keeps Raw fresh and entertaining.But it also stops WWE from overselling CM Punk and turning him into a Cena-lite.Winning both the MITB and KOTR would have spoilt both achievements.I'm glad he's gettting the push, but only from the MITB.

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    Lot of good answers already, especially from Great Muta Reborn and The Dragon, not much I can add. I don't like cheaters and cowards and I don't understand why anybody does. Edge, like Cena, is being shoved down our throats. Difference is, Cena is not a coward or a cheater. But people boo Cena and bash him to death. Probably the same people who cheer for Edge when he cheats or runs from a fight like a scared little rabbit and hides behind Vickie, whimpering and crying. Disgusting! Maybe those people are just like Edge? I know it's his gimmick and the writers write this crap for him but maybe the writers think like I just said. Maybe they think a lot of fans are just like Edge so they write him to be like that?

    CM Punk had a great match with Regal but having him win that just after winning MITB would be like shoving Punk down our throats, too. Punk deserves a push, he's earned it. But so has Regal. And Regal's been in the WWE longer than Punk. Regal has never gotten a big push before and I mean like for the world title, he should get one now. He's a better wrestler than Orton and Edge and Cena. He's even better than HHH. Punk's got a ready made push in that briefcase he carries, they can do that anytime. But I say give Regal a push now. Maybe even have him beat whoever wins at Backlash then next ppv he can wrestle Punk for the title. Sure be a welcome change from Cena, Orton, HBK, and HHH.

    No offense to anybody either. That's just MY opinion.

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    Firstly, Edge needs a "makeover" as far as his character goes. Ditch Vickie and break her heart or something, get Vickie away from the General Manager position. Edge is now a chickenshit heel, though in all fairness, that's got nothig to do with why Edge-heads like him.

    Also, Punk hasn't done anything in WWE but use KENTA's moveset week in, week out. However, his merchandise sales and appeal with the kids (irony personified) guarantees him a push.

    "Worked his way to the top". In ROH, maybe. If you want to know why people hate him, it's simply because his fanboys tended to go on about him day after day before his debut. When they realised new Punk was bland and boring in WWE, they turned on him. Punk is in no way more worthy of a push than the likes of Kennedy and MVP. Start at the midcard, kid.

  • Edge's fans are ruining him like a lot of Y2J fans. By calling him the best in wrestling today and deserves to win back a world title already.

    And as for CM Punk... There are a lot of bandwagoners out there. Months ago people who are now saying he didnt deserve MITB sayed " CM Punk deserves the ECW title; Punk deserves a huge push. So yeah... a lot of fake fans out there using "he is being showed down our throats" excuse.

    Now people..., DON'T blame CM Punk because he is a top merchandise seller. DON't blame Punk because he actually gets a crowd reaction... Don't blame Punk he has earned every sweat, tear, blood, respect to get where he is today.

    If you wan't to blame somebody... BLAME Jeff Hardy!!! If Jeff didn't become a dumbass and get suspended... it would be Jeff winning MITB.. and it will be Jeff possibly winning KOTR.

    Punk defintley deserves this push... atleast we know he won't ruin the push and get suspended for drug use.

  • Edge's character needs a serious makeover, ASAP. I'm one of the staunchest Edge-heads you can find, but to see him win with intererence here, BS there just takes a toll. Hawkins, Rider, and Vickie aren't helping Edge's standing, they are hurting it. Fans from all sides of the Edge spectrum are turning against this storyline for one reason or another.

    What made Ric Flair's in ring character great was that he could stand alone on most nights without the Horseman and win on his own without resulting to nonsense. He could play the cowardly heel now and then, but still handle buisness when it came down to it.

    I hope Edge learns to do the same.

    Source(s): And I would like to say that it was a GREAT Move to put the KOTR title on Regal. He's a great wrestler who deserves the accolades was UNEXPECTED. Who would have thought...WWE doing something unexpected? Better watch your back in the unpredictability department, TNA.
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    Edge is an awesome heel ,enough said

    and I have never liked Punk,,,he has been in all the main events sense ECW started,,,I guess people are getting tired of him being shoved in their face

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    Edge is the best heel in the business.

    He's not supposed to win clean, he's not supposed to look brave. Maybe you should go back and look at Ric Flair in the 80's at his heel work. You'll see Edge.

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    i agree, edge should be given a 'dominant heel' character, one that brags but wins, the likes of hunter when he's a heel, as for cm, he deserves the push but no need to rush things up, maybe a feud with hbk or y2j could help add up to his credibility, the same they did to jeff against hunter

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