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tattoo ideas?

whats a good idea for someone who loves to scuba dive and loves the ocean.

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    a coral with a swirl on ocean creatures swimming in/around it

    A wave in which a variety of tropical fish can be seen

    a sea turtle in which the shell is like a "portal" to the ocean, and shows the sea floor, of a school of many types of fish

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    it amazes me how many people do NOT ask their tattoo artist for custom work. any good artist likes to design his own work. find a shop and tell them what you love to scuba and love the ocean and have them draw it out. if they say no, then they are probably not very good and just a trace artist. meaning they don't have an original thought outside of the stuff on the wall. it won't take long to find one that will, and I'm sure you will be very happy to have a tattoo that was ment for just you.

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    I've seen some pretty cool 'wave' tattoo's. Like a wave breaking on your upper arm or something. Google wave or water tattoos there are some cool ones..

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    i say you go for something you definitely won't get tired of and something that has some meaning behind it; you should ask your tattoo artsit; but if it were me i would totally go with a trident because that's pretty gnar.

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    a word describing your character or your nickname favorite things.

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    Perhaps the 'comeback' design at ??

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    Black widow on a black web.

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