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World of Warcraft PvP Help!?

What class is the best for PvP? I love PvP but I want to kick butt! Whats The best Class for it? And for that class what Spec/Talent?

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    Theirs NO BEST CLASS for pvp every class has its strengths and weakness's for example warriors are able to dominate rogues with ease however a mage can dominate a warrior no problem.

    Also Ryan I have to disagree with your second choice for the best pvp class shamans are fairly weak in arena and group pvp because they can easily be cc'ed buffs dispelled silenced disarmed etc they are actually one of the worst pvp classes right now at 70 unless you are extremely well geared and have high resilience.

    Also you said that warlocks health and armor makes them weak but I have many 70 warlock friends that have 12-13k hp unbuffed with around 400 resilience it would be nearly impossible to take a warlock down 1vs1 with that kinda gear.

    My prefered class after 2 years of playing wow would be warrior..high health high damage and high armor makes this class apeal the most to me I can 3-4 shot rogues with similar gear to me and if I play right I can sometimes take 2 players at once which is lots of fun the class takes skill so thats why I like it.

    ------------------Sample Video Of Warrior PVP-----------------


    If you decide to make a warrior go with these talents for pvp

    Current Most Played Classes In High End Arena PVP

    --------------3vs3 and 2vs2 teams----------

    #1 Warrior

    #2 Druid

    #3 Rogue

    #4 Warlock

    #5 Priest

    Heres a link to another persons question I helped them with so you can see class strengths and weakness's good luck;_ylt=AtYPU...

    Source(s): 70 warrior 70 mage 70 hunter
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    There is no "best" because it all depends on the class you're fighting against. Also depends if you are doing battlegrounds or Arena. For arena all classes except hunters are good if you have the correct partner. Since you said PvP I will focus on that in this post =D

    Hunters are right now the most nerfed and worst class for PvP. Every class can kite better then them and their ranged attacks really don't hit for much anymore. If you decide to make one Marksman/Survival is best talent tree spec.

    Mages and Priest because of their low health and cloth armor can be taken down fairly easy by a lot of classes. Mages have a lot of long cast times and if you take out a priests holy moes for a couple secs with stuns/kick/silence youc an own them very quick. Mages=Go frost tree Priest=Shadow/Discipline

    Warriors are AWESOME in PvP right now. With improved hamstring, piercing howl, and mortal strike they are invincible sometimes, although you cannot heal yourself. Fury and Arms are best trees

    Warlocks are totally overpowered with their powerful pets Dots and Fears. Their armor and health make them kind of weak however against some classes.

    Paladins are really good right now but are nowhere close to the best.

    Now for your question. The BEST PvP classes right now are the following two. If anyone disagrees you are terribly wrong.

    Druids. Druids be they Feral or Balance can kill almost any class with ease. With their quick form changes to take away stuns and movement impairing effects they can not be kited at all and will be hitting you entire battle. Moonkins can put Healing over times on themselves and kill you with their powerful spells. This is the second most powerful PvP class in Arenas and Battlegrounds

    Shamans. This is the Greatest PvP class. With their quick instant full heals and endless instant casts spells this class cannot be touched. They have 4 instant cast spells which at 70 instantly hit for 1200-2500 and 2000-3500 crits. Each of these 4 spells have a 6 second cooldown which can be reduced to 5 secs or 4 secs, cant remember but what im getting at is they can keep hitting you with instant casts. They can roll their face on the keyboard and kill the best of players. This is the easy version on PvP right here. Spellcasting Talent tree is best, its called enhancement or elemental cant remember, I dont play a shaman since I dont PvP much.

    For more info or ideas email me

    Since I don't like typing much if you want more detail

    Source(s): 70 hunter 70 Priest 57 Paladin Caelestrasz-Alliance
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