Arron arron arron?

There is this kid at school named arron and iv eliked him since about 7th grade because hes freakin hilarous and very sexy but anyways my best friend told him someone with the initionals MML (my initonals) liked him and he was trying to figure it out at lunch and when he asked his friend pointed at our lunch table and was pointing like right there...he looked and his face got red and he moved tabels ...

And after that my friend asked him in his nex class if he figured it out he said yes its megan with no expression or anything but at lunch before all of that i looked into his eyes and he got really really red....

i guess im trying to ask how can i talk to him without being like " hi im megan your sexy" lol

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, you could do that. He'd probably think it's cute.

    Or you could just ask him how he is. Guys like it if you're interested in how they feel.


  • well if you know him already and are kinda friends with him then he either really likes you or doesnt like you like that at all (sorry but this is a truthful answer) but in the case that you think he does like you, ask a friend to see if he likes you back. but DO NOT ask that friend to ask him out cause that is not good

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