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Easy homemade facial mask...?

I've been really depressed and usually facials help me feel better. But I've lost my recipes (I had a bunch) :( so if u know any please help


I have a skin alergy to aloe

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    Oatmeal, a mashed up banana and an avacado. Smush them up in a bowl together and put on your face for 10 minutes. Makes your skin amazing!

    Feel better!


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    use quick quicking oatmeal on a regular basis. I add warm water to small amount of oatmeal and gently rub my face and neck clean of my makeup. (Vaseline for eye makeup).

    As soon as I rinse my face clean of oatmeal I apply aloe vera (must be alcohol free). Your skin will definetly feel softer after you rinse your face. Then later on I will apply my regular moisturizer.

    You can easy make a facial with warm water or use milk or vanilla yogurt--mix those ingredients in a small amount of quick cook oatmeal.

    (If your skin is dry, add a bit of olive oil to the mix. Your skin will feel super soft with olive oil in it)!!

    The oatmeal mixture should be soft and creamy. Apply it to your face and neck and leave on for about ten minutes. Rinse your face or take a shower to remove all the oatmeal facial. Try it you will really like how smooth your face feels.

    Word of advice--bend over the sink or bathtub so oatmeal pieces won't make a mess. ;-)

    This paste is great if you have dry itchy legs or arms too.

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    Avacado masks!! mash up 1 avacado with a teaspoon of olive oil! Its the best face mask!

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    Check out these 2:

    Orange smoothy facial mask (my fave!)

    And one specified for acne prone/oily skin mas as well.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    it depends on what you want.

    There are many masks for different skin types..

    this is a nice website to look at -

    i hope you find what youre looking for, homemade masks are awesome !

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    3 cups oatmeal

    1 cup honey

    for a big group, i did it at a camp and it was so fun!! plus we ate the stuff we didnt use :D

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    porridge oats, yoghurt and/or honey - hard not to eat it off from around your mouth though.....

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