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WWE Autobiographies?

I have read many WWE Autobiographies in the past and have enjoyed loads of them. I have read Batista, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Lita's books. My favourites are Shawn Michaels and Lita and I've really learnt a lot from them about the wrestling business in my quest to train and maybe be a diva someday lol. So anyway what ones have all of you read and what superstar and diva would you like to put an autobiography out. I would love one from the current roster of Randy Orton and Victoria or Mickie James or even Torrie Wilson. But from the all time roster I would like Trish Stratus to put one out.

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    i have nearly finished batistas book and realised how bad he was to people during his life.

    edit: one book i would love to read is vince russos who i think would tell an interesting story about his life and his booking in wrestling.

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    I wud be first to buy one by McMahon and wanna see his perspective of the Montreal Screwjob, the rock screwjob and how he developed the business. I'm not sure if he has one. Eric Bishop's was also very good, must read.

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    Mick Foley wrote his own autobiographies. The others were ghost written.

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    havent read any but if the undertaker comes out with one i would certainly read his

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