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How Do You Type En and Em Dashes?

Is there an alt-key combination or some other trick? I'm not talking about the hyphen: -


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    For an em dash, you type Alt+0150, and an en dash is Alt+0151. Remember to use the number pad at right to type these numbers!

    Curiously, alt-key combos have never worked with me; instead, to make an em dash, I type a word, two hypens, and another word, WITHOUT USING SPACES...that should work fine. To make en dashes, type a word, insert a space, two hypens, another space, and then another word.

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    If you mean in Microsoft Word, typing two hyphens in a row might do it. If not, Autoformat as you type can be used to set this up. Here's how (in Word XP (2002) and the adjacent versions. Word Vista (2007) undoubtedly has something similar):

    1. Click the Tools->Autocorrect Options menu item.

    2. Click the Autoformat as you type tab.

    3. Under Replace as you type, click the Dashes with Hyphens check box.

    4. Click OK.

    I don't know if this is the em- or en-dash, but if you want the other, you can set it up as an Autocorrection on the Autocorrect tab.

    Hope that helps.

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