Aliens Real?

are aliens real yes or no?

and give ur opinions

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  • Brant
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    1 decade ago
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    Some people think a house is haunted because they hear little noises and feel unaccountably cold, etc. But there wouldn't be any doubt if blood was flowing out of the walls, glowing phantoms were flying in and out of the windows, and horns sprouted through the roof.

    This is kind of like the difference we would expect if aliens had actually been visiting us. We wouldn't have to look at fuzzy photos and hear personal anecdotes. We wouldn't be falling for fraud and hoaxes. The event would be extraordinary and unmistakeable. If nothing else, we would have been awash in radio transmissions from outer space for the last 40 years. Yet so far, after exhaustive research by SETI projects around the world, not one intelligent beep has ever been logged from outer space.

    On the other hand, we DO know from long historical experience, that humans imagine and mis-remember all sorts of things that didn't happen. We know our capacity for myths and legends and the over-eagerness to believe in things that give us a rush.

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    Considering that the basic chemicals of life are quite common even in "empty" space, life is probably quite common.

    Is any of this life intelligent? We can't possibly have an answer for that. Intelligence is not necessarily an end result of evolution of said life. Our planet remained populated by single-celled life for 3.5 - 4.0 billion years before it even became multi-cellular. The majority of planets with life may very well be inhabited only by the equivalents of bacteria and algae. Once a planet develops multi-cellular life then it stands a better chance of evolving intelligence but even so we took nearly 500 million years to evolve and when we did our intelligence developed exponentially as opposed to the more usual gradual escalation that the fossil record shows for most species. This means that our intelligence evolved much faster than would be anticipated from examples from the other species on our planet and as such we could be an unusual phenomenon for evolution of intelligence.

    Furthermore, there is the idea that one species would have to evolve intelligence first and we could very well be the first intelligent species to evolve in the entire universe.

    So to answer the question: Yes aliens are real in my mind because any life from another planet is alien and many planets likely have life as that is simple chemistry. We should be careful suggesting that "intelligent" aliens are real however as that is more unlikely than mere alien life.

  • endpov
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe. At this point I'd have to say that I certainly cannot say they certainly do exist or that they certainly do not exist.

    Because the majority of people probably would say they have not seen aliens from another planet, and because the major governments of the world do not openly acknowledge the existence of aliens from somewhere other than our planet, I would have to say that there may be a chance that aliens from outerspace do not exist. However, there are a few people who, because of what they have seen and experienced, believe in aliens from off this planet - you could not tell them that aliens do not exist.

    So, although it would appear that most humans really do not know for sure if aliens exist or not, and it isn't common knowledge that aliens exist for certain, at this point in time, there are a lot of people who are inclined to believe or who tend to believe in the existence of aliens from outer space, based on what eyewitnesses claim they have seen.

    Personally, since I, like most people, haven't seen an alien at all, close-up or far away, I couldn't say for certain that they do exist, but I also couldn't say for certain that they do not exist.

    As far as saying why I think they "may" exist, I have to give several reasons. 1) Believing the testimony of those who say they have certainly seen outer space beings close up. 2) Believing in persuasive arguments that say how strange it would be if we were the only intelligent life forms in the entire universe, among billiions and billions of stars and galaxies.

    As far as saying why I think they may not exist, I have to say simply that even though there are several very good arguments for believing and knowing that there are aliens, how is that we do not officially seem to have contact with them? That seems just as strange and suspect. I could go on and not believe in them just as easily as I could believe in them, and either way feel I was in the right.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    there is a HUGE difference between what people 'believe' and what is real.

    Personally, I believe in Leprechauns. My Irish mom used to leave a dish of milk out for the wee people and it was always empty in the morning. The dish said "Leprechauns Only" so I know none of the neighborhood cats drank it. They wouldn't dare!

    I wanted to set up a camera to get a picture of a Leprechaun, so I put my instamatic next to the milk and built a lever with a popsicle stick and a rock to hit the shutter button, then ran a thread around the saucer of millk.

    When I took the film to the dime store to get it developed, I made a great scientific discovery!

    Leprechauns have tails!

  • 1 decade ago

    We'll never know the real answer as long as there are too few aliens and the government denies their existence to protect them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well I believe in UFO's because there is strong evidence out there

    1. Video of UFOs forming crop circles

    2. Countless airline pilot reports of UFOs

    3. FAA reports of objects appearing on radar that zip around the sky that no known aircraft can handle

    4. Countless reports of of UFOs by NASA's astronauts

    5. Military reports of UFOs shutting off their air defense

    6. Complex crop circles formed overnight

    7. Objects that are found in people that have materials that are not found on Earth that get ATTACHED to human insides (foreign objects that get into our skin are pushed out [splinters, etc])

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I believe it is possible that there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe.

    Do I believe they're coming here and kidnapping people to prod them? No.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    of course i will give you a site that gives about 500 wittiness testimonies of very high ranking officials from majors to astronauts to heads of the CIA its all very interesting pleas check it out you will be amazed

  • Anonymous
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