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What's the DEADLIEST martial arts..?

want to know the DEADLIEST martial arts, not the BEST, mainly because i wanna toughen myself up...

My cousin is currently learning Praying Mantis & I understand you need to be 16 to learn because it's so dangerous...

So which is the deadliest..Or what is the best way to toughen myself up..?

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    kung fu san soo ....if your not to weak

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    Deadliest Form Of Martial Arts

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    There is no such thing as the deadliest art. Martial arts is what you make of it. They only thing deadly about an art is technique. If an art condones using a weapon, striking to the groin, jabbing the eyes, ripping the ears, breaking the fingers, spitting in the face, and picking up a brick and breaking the guy’s skull, then it’s a deadly art. however, remeber that weapons are the deadliest of all. Learn to kill with a blade, a stick, or a gun. But you don’t always have a weapon, so you should also learn to fight unarmed.

    Deadliness is about technique, but most of all willingness to use ANYTHING available. But even if you have a gun, that doesn’t mean you have what it takes to make the kill. The mind set required to kill someone is something that cannot be described. The deadliest thing you can train in is the military. Learning to soldier is the only thing that could possible teach you how to kill another person.

    But you said you wanted to get tougher.

    So first off, what do you mean by toughness?

    If by the innate ability to take a punch squarely in the jaw, that is something you're born with. No amount of training can overcome genetic weakness.

    Now if you talking about the ability to stand naked in a blizzard while alligators bite your legs. Well then that's a mind set that is trained into you.

    Some tough arts are kyokushin karate, goju karate, and kajukembo. They aren’t the only tough arts, but they are three I am familiar with.

    Kyokushin karate is extremely hard. Most of the time you are taking full powered kicks and punches to the body. And as for the body conditioning. Holy **** my ribs still ache.

    Goju karate is really big into body conditioning. Beating each other into shape, as well as pounding your fists into clubs the barely resembles a hands.

    Kajukembo is an art out of San Francisco of all places. They do extremely tough sparring. That consists of unprotected full power strikes to the entire body. Including the groin.

    But really, these are just examples of martial arts that stress toughness. All arts that are about street fighting include toughness. So if you want to get tougher, train in any art that isn’t all about demos and competitions.

    Toughness is a mind set that is developed after years of hard training. Not a learned skill

    But remember this, tough is over rated. I know a lot of dead tough people. Skill and the ability to procure weapons is the most important ability. Not toughness

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    Join the Marines. You'll learn all about bein' tough over there and you'll learn the deadliest Martial Art of all, pulling the trigger. What's more since there's a war going on you'll also get to go use what you learned in a reality based enviroment like Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Should you survive to come back you'll come back with the knowledge that life isn't all about wanting to be a bad azz mofo and wanting to walk in to stereotypical biker bars doing a Rowdy Roddy Piper impersonation spouting off jibberish about kicking azzes and chewing bubble gum.

    Then my friend your education is complete.

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    I can tell you of a very anceint system that I practice that is shrouded in mystery and has all deadly techniques including how to kill with one finger, but if I told you the name I would have to kill you.

    I have to agree and disagree with Judo. As far as styles where records are kept I agree that boxing is definetly the deadliest. I don't agree totally because there are a lot of countries where martial arts are not done for sport that no records of this type of thing are kept. I am betting the phillipine martial arts have racked up quite a body count.

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    Tai chi practiced correctly, will eventually lead you to surpass any other form of martial art in my opinion. I learned Shudo Kan karate and then some Judo but I found Tai chi eventually and when you learn to cultivate yourself instead of the need to learn "the deadliest martial art" you will not want to be deadly anymore. Tai chi should be what you learn, it will teach you strength you could never imagine but only if you let it. It's the most peaceful martial art but still in my eyes, the "deadliest". There are many forms of Tai Chi Chuan. I'm sure there are many teachers near wherever you are.

    Source(s): 10+ years experience.
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    To learn the deadliest martial art, you must train under the worlds most deadly martial artist - Chuck "Beard of Fury" Norris!

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    Every martial arts has its own unqiue form and style, every individual one has its own strenght and weakness. Therefore its actually very hard to seek the answer you are looking for as martial arts is like water it takes into consideration the situation into when should there be a deadly strike.

    to me it stays as an art form but what is the DEADLIEST is where you strike,that makes it deadly...interested?...i can send you some pointers on where to strike...[rmb martial arts should stay as an art form]

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    you could technically say that many martial arts are "Deadly" because they are called Martial meaning war were people die, and arts meaning way, path, method, etc. i could say Dim mak the supposed way of killing someone through pressure point striking is the deadliest, i could also say Ninjutsu the art of assassination is the deadliest, or Karate which has deadly strikes is the deadliest. All arts are deadly in their own way because most of them use techniques that can kill someone.

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    I would say Dim Mak. It is an ancient Chinese art that uses pressure points and meridians to cause different ailments depending on where you strike an opponent, how you strike them, and in what order you strike them in. Proper techniques and execution can cause various outcomes ranging from nausea and knockouts to becoming violently ill and even death. It is based upon the Chinese art of acupuncture. While people will dispute these claims and claim that the art is a fraud, I stick by my assertion and have felt some of the effects of this style.

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    More people have died from it then any other Martial Art.

    In that sense you can count Iado and Kenjutsu, as both were arts that mastered in swordsmanship and were used in battle for many deaths.

    Or for that matter Kyujutsu (skill of the bow) since more people were killed by archers than swordsmen.

    But as far as unarmed, hand to hand, boxers have killed far more people than any other unnarmed Martial Art.

    Source(s): History
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