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Why does Scientology value celebrities over normal people?

I have wondered why they purposely recruit celebrities over average people. They have the Celebrity Centre in California where they wait on them hand and foot. Why are they so much better than the average person?

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    It is really expensive to go through all the levels in Scientology. I guess they would be interested in the celebs because they have that money to spend, plus, people might become interested in Scientology if they hear that a celeb they like is of that belief.

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    Money and recruiting power. The amount of cash they can derive from one celebrity is far greater than they can get from anybody else, for about the same recruiting cost, and once the Celeb is 'in', they can use the celebrity itself, or just the fact the celebrity is in the cult, as a recruitment tool. They are already well-established around Hollywood, so there is no need to branch out.

    And don't let anybody tell you that it is not true - what other religion has its own 'celebrity center'.

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    I also have a suspicion approximately this. i visit by no skill call Scientology a church, yet, as a replace a tax haven for this is "followers". I admit to having no information in any appreciate, yet i've got faith that contributions wealthy contributors make are by some skill decrease back to them. Say, case in point, you had to purchase a 2 million-greenback residing house. You donate $2,000,000 to the church, the church makes use of its money to purchase the residing house, you reside in it hire-loose (indefinitely), then you definately take the $2,000,000 contribution you made to the church off your tax criminal duty in certainly one of those a tax-deductible contribution. Admittedly, if it have been this glaring, we could see mansions owned via Scientology international with very wealthy persons interior. money must be decrease back as products, centers, or the two. even consistent with hazard some financial securities that are held in Scientology's call, yet on an inner set of books belong to person followers. I doubt this is something that leaves the dimensions of paper path that a actual property purchase could. once you think approximately the above, the clarification those wealthy contributors seem to be so religious, and could by no skill admit to Scientology being a load of rubbish, will become sparkling. If merely one guy or woman in the organisation admits to it being a thank you to ward off earnings tax, all of those action picture and tv stars could have a vivid, new case document on the IRS. each and all the contributors who've long previous could have the memory of them completely and irrevocably tarnished. Thats' a huge fee to pay for unlikely alongside with the physique thetans, area overlords, and "e meters" tale that Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, Laura Prepon, the Masterson brothers, an starting to be previous Sweathog, et al. *ought to* be attentive to is bullshit.

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    Well, like everyone above, $ is an issue, not everyone can afford the $200,000.

    However it is also the idea of arguement from athority. People often times look to celebrites they respect for view points on things they do not know much about (religion, politics) and therefore people will be more likely to choose/respect it if the right celebrities follow it. In reality, mostcelebrities are just as dumb as the everyday person and are not authorities on either subject matter.

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    I don't think they recruit celebrities more because they think they are better...

    I think that the organization recognizes what a publicity steal it is when they have celebrities out there preaching "their" word. It's almost like a mainstream bandwagon thing... like the whole Madonna Kabbalah mania.

    The thing I hate about these pseudo-fanatic religions is the heavy promotion to me really makes it seem... less believable.

    But who am I to talk as I watch the Gospel Music Channel.

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    They are a cash and marketing, er, cashcow. Scientology is enormous in America because it is the land of materialism and celebrity. Scientology uses cash and celebrity to make more cash and buy more lawyers.

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    Money and That they are in the public eye so people supposedly look up to them, they apparently have a bigger influence over people

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    Celebrities = Money + notority - therefore that is so much more effective then your average Jo!

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    Celebrities are people like anyone else.

    It is just that since many celebs choose

    to follow other celebs, then they think that

    this is something worth doing.

  • Pr to get people to join plus they get alot of their funding from celeb's! And the celeberitys love all that worship!

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