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puppy food? dried or can food??

Hi I have a 3 1/2 month old puppy, that was feeding canidade dried food, recently I switched her food to (can) food. I was told by her Vet to mix half and half until she adjusts to (can) food. However, I'm not sure if it's her new food that causing this but I noticed that she vomits a few times. Am I doing something wrong?? should I not feed her can food anymore? even thought her Vet said that it was ok mix it with dried food.

Please help

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    Canidae is a wonderful food choice, my boys love it. Keep your dog on this. There is nothing wrong with canned food, keep mixing it with the dry till she is totally used to it. She might be throwing up because she is eating too fast. She might like it so much that she is trying to gobble it down. Try giving it to her alittle at a time and see how she does with that. I have my boys on Canidae Chicken & Rice dry mixed with Canidae canned and they love it. Moderation is key for such a young puppy.

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    Well the vet said it was apparently you dog must not have any problems with her teeth..?

    That being said, when we switched our cats onto canned food (because their teeth couldn't handle dry food) they would scarf it and then puke because they were basically inhaling it. Watch your dog to see if this is what she is doing. I personally don't like canned food because the smell makes ME want to vomit. What is the reason for switching her from dried kibble? If there's a specific reason (health related etc.) than keep adjusting her to the canned food a little at a time. If not, you can always just save the canned food for a special treat (if she's been extra good or something of the sort) and then mix it half and half with the kibble. And if you ARE worried about your dogs oral hygiene, you can buy doggie toothbrushes and toothpaste, and some bones that they can chew on to help with cleaning.

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    Sounds like it may be too rich for her or possibly too much,dried food seems such a small portion but when it gets wet expands hugely,i would try alternating rather than mixing,that way you'll know if its the canned food and you can try other brands. The reason your vet told you to mix half and half is that its a massive change in your dogs diet and such a change does cause stomach upsets. Other than that i would get your vet to advise about worming if its not been done since her original puppy course as vomiting food can be a sign of worms,good luck.x.

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    i only give my 6 month old puppy dry dog food with 2 to 3 tablespoons of can food, mixed real good in the dry that's to much for a puppy's system, 1/2 can of it just start off with a tablespoon first , that would make any dog sick all that can food , dry dog food is better but they like some flavor mixed in it ,only a little of can, take your hand and mix it in real good, and water only,

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    i would just give her dry food...with having to chew the dry food it helps keep the tartar off her my experience i had a dog fed can food and her teeth got bad, since then i stuck with the dry food and it seems to strengthen the teeth..

    usually mixing the foods together doesnt make the dog sick..maybe shes eating too fast, too much at a time or the food isnt agreeing with her stomach...maybe either feed her smaller portions at a time or change the can food...

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    cut back on the wet food and just add a tablespoon or so until she gets more use to it. this can happen because it is pretty rich compared to dry. u might want to try different kinds until u find the best one suited to her. i use to add a little baby pablum,puppy chow mixed with warm water and a little canned pup food and my pups did great. feed her 3 times a day just portion sizes until she can digest it. good luck

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    Is your dog taking in a lot of water with the food?

    My dog typically vomits after eating if he sucks down his water bowl after eating. He loads his gut and then vomits.

    Now I only give him little bits of water at a time with his meal.

    He can have as much as he wants, but I control the speed at which he gets it.

    This has helped immensely.

    Anothier thing he eating too fast?

    Same theory as the water. If he is eating too fast maybe he is gut loading food....

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    I think dried food is best plus a lot less expensive. You shouldn't keep changing your dog's food. But you're right to do half and half then change completely.

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    it could be the can food making her sick. sometimes switching a dogs food will do that.try just giving her the food you was in the beginning and see if she keeps throwing up. if she does then it may be something else.

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    Canned food is not good. Dry food helps clean their teeth and keep up their oral hygiene. Canned food can rot their teeth and is overall just not as good for them. Maybe every once in awhile mix some canned food in, but I would never use it as their regular diet.

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