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PLEASE HELP!!! I want to be a quarterback!?

i currently live in new zealand and american football isnt that big over here. i would eventually like to play at a professional level.. i have the desire, work ethic and talent to do so...i can run a quick 40 for my age (4.6) and have a very accurate arm but i cant get involved anywhere...i'm turning 17 soon so i cant move to the staetes yet. should i enrol to a university or is that a waste of time? i REALLY want to do this

please help...what should i do??????

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    Here is a link to the athletic department of USC's football program.

    Make sure your email is directed to head coach Pete Carrol. The guy is a football genius and could really give you some good advice. Make sure you make some tapes of yourself showing off your skills in case he asks for them. 4.6 forty is pretty quick for a quarterback you might get a scholarship. I'll see what I can do also as my family has many ties to USC including relatives that have played for the Trojans and are now in the NFL. Hope this helps.

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