To start a business, is it easier to sell a good or a service?

Generally speaking, is it easier to sell a good (such as fruit, jewellery, whatever) or is it easier to provide a service (such as bookkeeping, plumbling, tiling).

What I'm getting at is, anyone can buy something wholesale and attempt to sell it retail but not everyone can start bookkepping, plumbling etc. without having the time of experience, and/or studying. Therefore, would it be logical to say that a business based on a specialised service has a higher chance of surviving that a business based on providing goods?

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    It is more capital extensive, althrough easier, to sell things by goods. Example, In order to sell diamond rings, you have to find a manufactor who will sell the goods a discount. Research the target market for your product, and invest in getting that product in front of consumers who need it.

    A service-based provider, while generally costs will be reduced knows exactly what he is offering. As it be known every business needs bookkeeping, so the bookkeepers have to compete for your business in that given field.

    Business Survivalability depends on, how the business is managed, the production of the company exceeds the input, and it has the necessary capital to grow, expand, or take a loss, both service industries and goods have weaknesses & strengths. If your building a business, build it around your strengths, and hire your weaker parts.


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    It might be better to sell digital products as there will be no shipping cost and no manual work involved. For selling good, there will be some amount of manual work involve. For selling services, it will be something that you will need to spend much effort and hardwork inorder to sustain the serivce you provided.

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    it depends on ur interests .. from what u wrote , i guess starting a business selling a product would be perfect for u to start off with ..

    all d best :)

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