1983 movie The Hunger movie questions?

I saw this movie years ago and still confused about it,

1.How come David Bowie was growing rapidly old?

2.How was it that the main vampire woman became one herself in the beginning?

3.When Susan Sarandon is a vampire and kills the woman, who are those people with her in the end of the movie?

4.What was the difference between the movie and the book?

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    I love this film and still think it is one of the classiest films i have ever seen. I will attempt to answer your questions.

    1. The vampires created by Catherine Denerve (not sure how to spell the actresses surname properly) live forever however they eventually start to age after a long time and progressively get older to the point where they are of no use.

    2. The main vampire woman already was one in the beginning, you could probably call her the main vampire from whom all others are created.

    3. The people at the end of the film (ie skeletons, zombies if you will) are all of Catherine Denerve's (the main vampire chick) ex loves whom have been stored away upstairs and are waiting for the curse to be lifted. Off memory this happens when the main vampire feeds on the blood of the dead girl, with Susan Sarandon taking her place.

    4. I have never read the book so not sure about this.

    Watch the film a few times and you get more out of it. Tony Scott (brother of Gladiator director Ridley Scott) made this and went on to make movies like Top Gun and Man on Fire which were very different to this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    David Bowie was growing old because he wasn't the main vampire. That is what happened to all the other lovers of the main vampire. I seem to remember, this was a long time ago, that Catherine Deneuve also became the main vampire by killing the vampire that created her, just like Susan Sarandon does to her. The people are all former lovers that just run down and become old and decrepit like what is happening to David Bowie. I seem to think that Deneuve's master vampire is one of them somehow. I never read the book, but the movie is very stylish and classy and a great vampire movie.

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