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electron in box diagram

我想問下electron in box diagram入面gei箭咀係全箭咀定半箭咀?

因為我見無論書同past paper都係全箭咀, 但係我老師o係一開學就同我地講要畫半箭咀..補習gei同學又話係全箭咀..

我又覺得電腦排版既關係, 一定係全箭咀比較方便..所以書同past paper先用全箭咀..


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    if u are talking about electron configuration, then it doesnt matter. as long as u know s orbital only allow 2 electrons and p orbitals only allow 6 electrons. as long as u know what u draw and the true concepts, who cares what u draw as long as it is an arrow??

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