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因為找很久了 以為動物園很好發揮 結果並不然


請大家幫幫忙 我只需要關於動物園的




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    Going to the Zoo【逛动物园】

    I have been to Taipei Zoo about once a year. The zoo is like a hotel for animals. The animals come from many parts of the world. The animals that came from Africa are elephants, lions, zebras, camels, ostriches, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, giraffes, hyenas, monkeys, and cheetahs, Kangaroos came from Australia. Tigers came from Malaysia. Penguins came from South America. There are a lot of native animals, anteaters, rattlesnakes, beautiful birds and fish, and so on. I like those native animals best because many of them are our good neighbors.


    Having Fun at the Zoo

    Last Saturday we went to the zoo. It was a lot of fun. Sylvia had fun seeing all the animals, she was a little scared of them, but I think she had fun. She loved the monkeys and the penguins. It was a fun day.

    My favorite animals at the zoo are the tiger and the flamingo. The tigers were actually out of their den this time, it was fun to see them. They have such pretty fur, and their paws are so big. I like looking at the flamingos because I think they are so interesting. I don't know much about them but it's crazy to me how their legs bend the opposite way as ours do, and that they sleep standing on one leg. It makes me think of Aunt Maxine and how she says "Aren't you so glad that we get to sleep laying down?" I truly am grateful that we get to sleep laying down, and not standing on one leg, let alone standing on two!






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