I am really struggling to understand Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR)?

We have just started this in chemistry, and i am really struggling to understand the theory behind it.

Im not a stupid student, i am just struggling to get my head around it. If any one can explain to me simply this whole "Spinning" of the nucleus, or knows of a website with a great simple explanation, i would really appreciate it. thank you

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  • Erebos
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    1 decade ago
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    heh, honestly, to this day, i don't understand it either. it's because the actual theory of NMR is not important at all, unless you end up working in that field. you won't be tested on this stuff. what you'll be tested on is the direct application of NMR. you'll be given a bunch of graphs and numbers and asked to determine the molecule from that. you won't be asked to explain how they got those graphs and numbers.

    if you just want to study it out of curiosity, then a google search will give you lots of results. but it'll be utterly useless for the purposes of your organic chem course. (and yes, i can make the generalization across most schools in the world, lol)

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