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Indian Removal Act of 1830?

please give me a brief description of the 8 sections!!...i dont understand them

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    i never knew there were 8 sections!

    but what it did was it sent the Indians in the South packing. White people discovered that there was gold and naturally, the government had to concede some land to money-hungry white people.

    We made the Chickasaw, Cherokee, Seminole, Choctaw, Creek Indians move to Oklahoma. they had to walk, and many died of disease and exhaustion. We call this the Trail of Tears

    This was in the Jackson period, as we all know. Jackson never liked Indians. He fought them and their British allies in the revolutionary war and (more importantly) the war of 1812. He also fought them in Florida, when it was still part of Spain. In his presidency, he enacted the Indian removal act of 1830 and disregarded the Supreme Court ruling Worcester v. Georgia, which protected the rights of Cherokee indians.

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