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Jack Russells?

So I've always wanted this kind of dog since I've seen it in Wishbone, Frasier, and My dog Skip. Is it a good beginner dog. Does anybody know the price range for one if it's a puppy? Do they shed alot because I really don't want to hassle with hair. I also heard they can be extremely hyper. Is this true? But in general, is this a good dog to have?

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    It really depends on your lifestyle. We almost bought a Jack Russell but decided that just wouldn't fit our lifestyle because they are extremely active. They are also feisty and mischievous. That being said they are extremely bright, healthy vigorous dogs. They are also in one of the lower price ranges. I would say the price range is anywhere between 400 to 900 dollars.

    Pros to buying jack russells as a beginning dog; they are smart, easily trained, small, so easy to handle, and are not very picky in terms of their health and grooming (they don't have furry hair so its easy to clean even when it sheds); they aren't one of the really expensive breeds

    Cons; they are very very very active, (yes sometimes to the point of hyper), and they love running around and going out etc., and they are very difficult to deal with if they are your very first dog.

    If this is your first time owning a dog, I would lean towards getting a calmer dog, and then getting a jack russell as a second dog. We went with a retriever because they are much better with younger kids (if you are worried about younger siblings etc) Still, Jack Russells are amazingly cute awesome dogs that you would love as a part of your family.

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    JRT rescue is overflowing!!!!

    On the other hand, it is good you are asking, because if you think you're going to hav a Jack in the house - yikes!

    THey are cute,cute,cute, but they are unbelievably destructive sometimes. Their main purpose is to kill rodents around a barn, and you've never seen anything so quick and violent - it's amazing what a tiny dog can do! I saw two really 'sweet' ones - a tall skinny puppy and a short tiny stout one- take out a gopher the size of a watermelon - the real kind - in about a minute and a half.

    In addition, these same dogs werre crated in their house, and the owners were away - the schoolgirl across the lane was supposed to take them out and crate them again, but the crate latch was funky and she didn't actually latch it.

    When the owners came home an hour or so later, the house was torn apart from stem to stern - potting soil everywhere, skidmarks all over the antique table and other furniture - it was absolute devastation.

    No, you are better off with another kind of small dog, maybe a Dachshund or a little Beagle, but be very careful about Jacks unless you live on a farm or a ranch - they are serious dogs, and not really for the suburban home, not at all.

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    They shed about as much as a beagle. Not too much, but not just a teeny bit either. Jack Russels can cost anywhere from free in newspapers to thousands of dollars for purebred and championship lines. I am assuming you couldnt care less if it were a champion bloodline, and those cost like 2-5k anyways. They do need to be brushed every day or every couple days, once a week will NOT suffice. They also need to be walked a lot, and played with. If you work a lot (Or school, university, etc) I would suggest something along the lines of Samoyed or American Eskimo. If you're home most of the day, a Jack Russel if perfect. A puppy in general takes time until it is used to its new home, and even after that is a lot of work. You probably knew that, though, but there are a lot of people who abandon dogs in the middle of nowhere because they realize how much work it actually is.

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    A Jack Russell can be a great beginner dog as long as you have plenty of patience to train them.

    Prices of any dog varies greatly depending on what area you live in, you could always try to find one at the pound if the price bothers you.

    All the JRs I've met have shed quite a bit, but they are short hair dogs so it isn't as bad as many long hair dogs.

    Yes Jack Russells are extremely hyper until they are at LEAST 4 years old. Be prepared to exercise him 3 times a day. Also they are diggers, so you probably won't be able to leave it in the yard alone. They are also a bit on the stubborn side. They're smart but they seem stupid sometimes because they are so hyper and unwilling to please.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make!

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    Jack Russells are not good beginner dogs. Wishbone and Frasier, were both found in shelters, what you see on TV are trained dogs. JRT's bark alot, can be aggressive with other dogs, are usually no good with cats and other small critters and are very energetic. There hunting dogs who like to kill stuff.

    Visit the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. You'll find lots of info on the breed, including health issues and temperments.

    They come in a couple of different kinds of coats: Smooth, broken coat (which is sort of inbetween smooth & wire) and

    wire coat.

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    ABSOLUTELY YES! I own one. They usually range from 50-300 for purebreds, others will range lower. go to and select where you live to find someone who is selling their JRT. thats where i got mine =D

    even non-pure-breds are great dogs. they do not shed a lot at all, as a matter of fact, ours really doesnt even shed! they are also GREAT guard-dogs, not in the biting way, but in the let you know when someones coming way. they can be hyper, but only when your letting them know they can, they know when to not be and when to be, when i say play-time or go get your toy- my dog plays and goes crazy, and its not to crazy, its just cute-crazy. they are very strong-willed and like pulling on a leash because theyre so curious. they will also bolt out the door if you dont keep the door closed. i really suggest this as a dog. im not quite sure if its a good beginner dog, because they like bolting out the door (but some dont if you train them when they're a puppy)

    but most likely, they will be a great beginner dog because we (my family and i) have never had a dog, and this IS our first dog.

    Source(s): JRT (jack russel terrier) owner.
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    It is not at all a good begginer dog as they are INCREDIBLY hyper and my freind had one. Within one day the dog had dug through her kitchen wall. They are bad dogs to have for the normal person as they are very loving but also high maintnence. Depending on what you want price varies (Like AKC registered dogs cost 300-3000 dollars more on average) I reccomend to match you up with your perfect pet as they have a quiz you can take to find your perfect breed and perhaps you can find a dog you fancy on there as well.

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    prices on jack russells can be anywhere for $200-$2000 and yes they do shed a bit all year round. but you should do research on the parents of the pup to look for genetic problems (hip dysplasia, elbow displasia etc.) but all in all these dogs can be either a dream or a nightmare depending on how you discipline them. its all up to you if you have a good or bad dog.

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    i have had a jack russell for 14yrs hes been a great dog, they do protect you & your property, mine has been great around children & hes really good off the lead never leaves our side, they do shed there coats but not alot, they can be hyper but they are a good dog, good luck

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    $300 to $600.. very good dosgs but very active

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