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Why are fish & chip shops closed on Sundays?

(I live in South London)


AltCtrDel - same reason that I dont work on Saturday's, but yet chip shops are open then.

Update 2:

Is it cos fish markets trade mainly on Sunday or early Monday?

Update 3:

Jo - just fancied chips today thats all

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    I live in Wales and the chippies are closed on Sundays, but the Chinese takeaways are open - they close on Mondays.

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    I have found that quite mazing. Most of the traditional fish and chip shops around my area and i live in watford are usually closed on Sundays mainly because of British attitude towards sunday as a day of rest but that doesnt stop lots of other fast food restaurats opening on sundays who sell fish and chips

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    Old Sunday trading laws

    "Transactions for the purposes of which a shop may be open in England and Wales for the serving of customers on Sunday". That includes - "meals or refreshments whether or not for consumption at the shop at which they are sold, but not including the sale of fried fish and chips at a fried fish and chip shop".

  • 4 years ago

    It's always when I feel like fish and chips too! But I suppose that the people working in the fish and chip shops have worked extra hard on Friday nights and Saturday's and Sunday's too. They deserve a break. Work on their cooking skills. : )

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  • 1 decade ago

    because sunday is the day to have a roast for dinner ..

    but having said that i live on the the south east coast and most of our chip shops open on sundays

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    Some places have peculiar bye laws about the sabbath that say you can't sell certain things on a sunday fish I think is one of them.

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    North east has chippys open all day on Sundays

    Better than a Maccy D !!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is a commandment for no work on Holy Sabbath Day (Sunday) i guess the owners have beliefs

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    me too, but surely there must be one open nr you in London? you could try another kind of take away 'fish and chips' from either an Indian, Turkish or Chinese? Na.....not the same eh?

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    Many places are on Sunday - part of the culture

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