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Make a Youtube Video?


I was wondering how to make a youtube video.

I want to make one for a project I am doing, and I need to combine a bunch of television clips (all from the same show).

How do I do that?

My technology intellegence is pretty please give me step by step.

Do I need episodes? Please help.

Thank you!



Oh and I have a Mac if that matters.

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    u can download youtube video, then convert the video to avi or wmv format , then u can make a video with the converted video on windows movie maker.

    Very easy for u with E.M. Youtube video download tool.

    It works very well and easy to use.

    How to make youtube video on windows movie maker.

    If you want to get high quality video ,u can save the video as avi video on windows movie maker, then convert the avi video to FLV with E.M. Youtube video download tool.

    then upload it to youtube.

    How to save video on windows movie maker? here is a good way for u.

    (1)It can search any flash video from many websites at the same time ;

    (2)Download youtube video fastly and easily;

    (3)Convert flv video to any audio include MP3, wma,wav,ac3,mmf,amr,ogg,aac..., to any video formats include 3gp,avi,wmv, mpg,mpg4,asf,swf,h264,mov,jpg, that can be support by PSP,iPod,iPhone,Apple TV video,iTune,MP3,MP4,Zune,Cellphone,Digit... camera,DV,CD/DVD/VCD/SVCD.

    (4)Burn flv video to CD/VCD/SVCD/DVD disc easily and fastly;

    (5)It still can repiar and capture RTMP video streams.

    (6)Total video player that can play any video or audio.

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    use and your imovie..


    Just get those clips you want , save & convert them, and then mix/match with pix/sound/etc using windows movie maker to create new masterpieces....

    this will help you.... Use 'zillatube'. This is the easiest (and also the fastest) way.

    Zillatube produces mpg/mp3 video formats from youtube that are compatible with windows movie maker(or media player), and more.

    It is very easy to download and convert videos. Then edit those converted mpg videos with windows movie maker. Ensure you use dvd conversion setting for better quality video.

    It works very well....just google search for "zillatube"


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