I want to emmigrate from South Africa?

Hello. My husband and I have recently decided it is time for us to move from South Africa, we’re just not sure where we would like to go. We have 3 children, 2 sons who are 14 and 17, and a daughter who is 16. We are finding life to frightening here now. We live in Cape Town, but we also keep homes in Paarl and Wilderness. All of our homes have been broken into, even though we have them severely protected. My daughter was home alone one evening when she noticed someone in the protected yard. She called SAPS and thank god the police got there in time. And then a few months ago my husband and I had our car hijacked by gunpoint at a stop light on our way home from the supermarket. We are really becoming concerned with the crime and want our kids to be somewhere where they can be safe and not having to be on high alertness all the time. We want to live somewhere nice, clean and safe with good education and jobs available. My husband and I both work in the medical field. He is a Neurosurgeon and I am an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. We are particularly considering Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, but are also interested in Ireland, Canada, and the US. Can you suggest somewhere? Specifically, could you suggest a country and then some cities that meet or expectations? We would specifically like to be in an area with some other South African expats. We would also like an area that is more liberal minded, as my oldest son came out as gay last year. We also enjoy living near a large city, but are also able to keep property in a small town or the countryside for vacation and occasional weekends. And we also want an area with excellent privet schools to enrol our children in. Thanks for your time.

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    We immigrated to New Zealand almost 9 years ago for the similar reasons that you are looking to move. We have settled in Auckland which has a very large South African community. We are very happy and settled and have never felt unsafe. This is a city of about 1,2 million. You won’t find razor wire or even burglar bars on windows. The police don’t even carry guns. When there is a murder it makes national headline news and invariably the culprit is caught not long after. Dozen of detectives are put onto murder cases until it’s resolved. Our children play in the neighbourhood as we did in the 70s and 80s. Children walk, cycle and catch buses and trains to and from school with no worries.

    Apparently there are 35 000 SA families on the North Shore alone (an area of Auckland). There are numerous SA doctors, nurses and specialists in NZ and I’ve even heard Kiwis saying that if it weren’t for all the SA doctors in NZ the health system would be in trouble. I believe there are some 600 SA doctors in NZ. So for you to settle into a job it certainly shouldn’t be a problem.

    One thing to consider when emigrating is the weather in the country that you are going to choose. In Canada the winters are very long and cold. In Australia the summers are very hot (over +40DegC). Auckland is mild with wet winters but the summers (we have found) are really good. I don’t know Cape Town but have been told it’s like Cape Town without the wind. We are from Jo’burg and the winters here, are definitely not nearly as cold as the Highveld. It very seldom dips below 0degC in winter.

    We moved over when our children were still very small so to them NZ is home (they even support the All Blacks). I have been told that it’s harder for teenagers to leave SA and settle down in a new country. However if you choose NZ I would highly recommend that you move to an area where there are a lot of other South Africans and they will probably settle easier. Remember it can take up to a year to settle in so you should commit to at least that.

    I wish you all the best for the move and I’m sure you will be pleased you did for more reasons then you even mentioned.

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    My family moved from Pretoria, South Africa to the Toronto, Canada area when I was young. Toronto is a very multicultural city and I've met many other ex-pat South Africans here (of many different ethnic and racial backgrounds). My parents had no trouble meeting other South Africans when we first arrived (even ended up next door to a few!).

    Of course you'll want to consider Canada's ever-changing Immigration policies and the fact that we have a public healthcare system here (from what I hear, Doctor's are treated rather well, especially specialists) but I would highly recommend it.

    Toronto specifically is an extremely open-minded and diverse place. Your son should have no trouble finding community. There are two very different geographic gay communities, one in the East End / Downtown area and one in the West End. Toronto is also home to a very, very large annual Gay Pride parade and celebration.

    Many people who live in the Toronto area buy property in one of the many towns and cities that make up the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and commute into the city for work or school. If you're looking for countryside properties, there are tons of areas to explore anywhere from an hour north of the city to 8 hours depending on how remote you want to get :)

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    I am South African and have immigrated back and forth a couple of times. The banks are brilliant over there but you pay quite a bit for their services! You just have to walk in and open an account. Everything there is done using an 'identity document' rather than a passport so that might be a problem. Student loans? What are they? I believe that as a non-South African you need to have a huge stack of money to emigrate there because of the poverty, so that will be your biggest porblem - I'm talking millions!

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    Australia is the ideal place for South Africans. The weather is similar and the winters are not as cold as New Zealand. We still have animals and wildlife, NZ does not. If you join an existing SA community, your adjustment to a new life-style is made easier and you will receive huge support and guidance from them. There are large SA groups throughout Oz, so take your pick on the town or city. The Gold Coast is absolutely divine and so is Sydney.

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    You are making a very wise choice and I am sure neither you or your husband will have any difficulty in moving to any of the Countries you mention. From a cultural point of view I would imagine Australia would be a good choice and there are many South Africans already there. I live in the UK and whilst it may be challenging from a job perspective I could not recommend it to you. We have been going downhill for the last 10 or so years under the challenge of multi-culturalism wherein our Country has been flooded with "foreigners" many of whom whose only ambition in life is to live off Benefits.They bring their culture and religion with them and what we have experienced is that these minority groups have more rights than we do. You can hardly say "Happy Christmas" to anyone for fear of offending some minority and there is going to be some sort of backlash. Today the Head of the UK's Racial Equality Board is warning of ethnic pressures and you can be sure he has couched that in "nice" language to avoid stating the obvious.

    Hopefully other South Africans living in Australia will respond to you but from where I sit it looks like a good choice to me.

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    Yes I think your wisest choices would be New Zealand or Australia. I live in New York City and I met someone while travelling on the public transit we spoke on several occasions and he had just gotten married to an Australian woman and he was making his arrangements to go to Australia. He had already been to Australia and was living there on a tourist visa and he was back here in USA making all the proper arrangements for getting a residency permit to be able to live there with his wife. He said he loved the life in Australia and that he would never return to live here in the United States. he would only come back for a vacation to visit his parents who are still here in New York City. (His cultural roots are European American). I myself can no longer reconmmend living here in the United States. (I also am European-American) The changes here are all going down hill the crime the changing demographics in the United States uncontrolled third world immigration have made the United States just like The Yahoo answerer who said Great Britain was going down hill.

    I instant message regularly with a retired professional from new Zealand and he says it is quite a nice place expecially for professional people like your selves. There is very little crime and it is a socially stable place in which to live none of the troubles like South Africa is facing and many people of your situation are facing in South Africa. We neve rhear of those problems on the news media in USa but informed people like me who get their new and info from the internet know quite well about your plight n South Africa. The same is true about the situation in Zimbabwe when the Europeans were forced to turn over their farms and businesses to Mugabe and the terror which is going on towards the former landowners etc.

    I see that the United States is eventually heading towards the Same problem as South Africa along with the economic problems here and eventually we will be overwhelmed by a runaway mulit-cultural immigration policy that will eventually cause the USA to at teh very least socially split apart if not politically into a former Yugoslavia type split apart.

    I think your first two best choices are Australia dn New Zealand as the climates are probobly the most similar to South Africas weather and climate. Also the economies are better and the social settings are much more stable than the USA. Canada is better choice than the USA but the climate can be very cold in the winter. (extremely cold) but the summers are quite nice. I have visited there several times.

    But I know people who have relatives and family living in Canada who are quite happy there also in spite of the cold winters and they would never consider moving to the USA.

    I hope this has been of help to you. I am very grieved to see what has happened in South Africa as to the social situation and crime going out of control. it's too bad that the change to the new government did not produce safety for the minority population in your country.

    I well know waht is going on concerning the car jackings and the murders and break ins to property owners of the British-Afrikanners portion of the population and how many people have had totrun their properties into armed fortresses and hire guards for protection. It's a shame as your country is a beautiful landscape and many pretty cities such as Capetown and Durban and the beautriful seacoasts and waht was once the best run economy with the highest standard of living on the African continent. I used to have a pen-pal who lived in Durban in the days before e-mails when their was only the post office to send letters.

    Sorry for the long answer but I hope you can find the best choice for you to go to move to. But in my opinion I think Australia New Zealand Canada and even Ireland is a good chocie in that order which is listed.

    As to the yahoo answerer who was upset about your telling of the situatiuon in South Africa and that the bad publicity would hurt the country, well a person has to be rooted in reality and it has pained me to paint such a bad picture of my country, the USA, but a person has to be realistic and be able to confront the truth no matter how painful. It has pained me a lot to say that the USA is not a place to come to in comparison to the other countries which I spoke about.

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    Your best bet would probably be Perth, Australia, because that city has the highest South African born population in the world for a single city.

    Also, I understand that you guys have high paying important jobs.....You will most likely might ahve to spend up to 3 years being retrained, to meet their nations standards.

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    I would suggest Australia...as I emigrated here in 2004. I know in Queensland there is a shortage of medical personnel and the Sunshine Coast is full of SA expats...and the weather is divine. There is a place here on the Sunshine coast called Noosa ( New SA) as there so many expats here. Australia does have its prejudices...but not as stark as certain countries...Oh and Noosa is about a hour's drive from Brisbane...good luck

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    Before considering any of the countries on your list check!

    Some medical specialities in some of the countries are over served. My advice is do your homework and don't make a mistake that will cost you dearly in financial terms.

    The UK is closing its doors to everyone they don't have to consider because they have to allow free passage to the EU candidates, they have no choice.

    Check, check and check again.

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    most people who left are comming back due to depression in a foreign country .i am depressed because i am staying in south africa.i want to return to my country zimbabwe,but i cant right now,due to zanu pf that want to kill me,because im according to them an instigator,because i support the mdc.my hometown masvingo is under seige at the moment.mugabe is starving my people there.

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