anyone watched Alf in the 80's - 90's?

i loved it!

so fun

what was yourre favorite episode?

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  • jef s
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    1 decade ago
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    I loved the episode with the burglar. Alf is bored and dressing in woman's clothing narrating his boredom "when he entered my life..." the burglar sees Alf and figures he a stuffed toy. Alf yells "you ever have a stuffed animal rip out your voice box?" the burglar turns himself in to police and they come to the house looking for Alf. They say they are looking for a hideous creature with a big nose wearing a blue dress. At that point the neighbor Mrs Ackmonic comes through and one come looks ate her and says "there goes his insanity plea" Classic.

  • I re-call that a furry animal from outer space and his friend the human as a big Winnipeg caravanette i liked the episode when he is driving the caravanette and it loses control at the steering wheel.

  • 1 decade ago

    yup alf.... is a great show

    i have a idea of it but forgot the episode's name

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