Is it a Sin to alter or to add your preferences or beliefs in the way of Islam?

I know its a sin to add anything by our own wishes because Islam is been completed by Allah through Quran and Muhammad (p.b.u.h.)

BUT my question is, who are we to change anything out of our wishes?;_ylt=Au3Ue...

The third option which the questioner has mentioned, is it wise to do so?

Why do we say Lailaha illallah Muhammdur Rasool Allah..??

We say this because Allah says in Quran:

"Say (O Muhammad): `O mankind, verily I am sent to you all as the Messenger of Allaah - to Whom belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth."' [Quran 7:158]

And : "Indeed in the Messenger of Allaah there is a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the meeting with) Allaah and the Last Day and remembers Allaah much." [Quran 33:21]

My question is clear. Make me understand s to why people bring changes?

And PLEASE plz plz, not bashing Shias, no not at all. I just want to know the REASON behind it.


Drom57, Do u know the meaning of Ignorants? Do you know anything about islam? if no then please don't bother to comment.And the question I have asked is been directed to Muslims. Non-muslims cannot answer this question so please, Back off!

Update 2:

Mohammad, m always here. Can u too please answer the question, m really curious to know the reason and what muslims think of it.

Update 3:

Sina Can you give the references about this: Al Khumeini said that Muhammed Sala Allah Aleih Wa Salam (and all other prophets {his exact words}) has failed in completing the Islam and making justice and we have to wait for Al Mahdi....????

Update 4:

Sina ....hmmm No english?

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    La illaha illAllah. This means there is only one God.

    But AND therefore ANYONE who believes in one God can use it. It IS the second one. It HAS been stated.

    Where did Ali come in? I have no idea.

    The problem with 'Shia' is that they treat and look up to Ali more than Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

    Praying on a rock is cultural, where did it come in?

    That is haram, adding things to suit yourself.

    Sunna, means following Islam; Allah and the Prophet. We are supposed to do this already as Muslims therefore Islam would be Sunna.

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    Islam. i think of Mama gave an exceptionally concentrated answer; i've got not extra to function, yet do have the opt to make a minor correction to a diverse poster: Halal is somewhat much less strict than Kashrut. individuals that stick to Islamic nutritional regulations can eat Kosher, yet individuals that stick to Jewish nutritional regulations would have a difficulty with some Halal ingredients or coaching.

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    this is just a question of understanding...

    some people wants to apply everything literally, and some use their mind and inspire the "maqassid"...

    for example, some say that celebrating the prophet's birthday is Bidaa, coz the sahaba did not...

    and some say that it's a good way to show love toward him, and remember the new generation with it... (focus on the purpose)

    generally only ignorant follow the literal meaning..

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    We are not allowed to add/subtract things in Islam. It is like saying "God, you made a mistake here and I am gong to correct it".

    We are allowed to worship God in a creative way that doesn't contradict with what God/Mohammed taught us, and the most important thing is to not think that this new way is better or equal to what God taught us.

    For example, some people like to pray a lot between Maghrib and Esha, and we all know that the best time for voluntarly prayers are at late night.

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  • We are not allowed to add anything Islam..

    Shia'a think that Islam is incomplete and it will never be till their Mahdi show up

    Al Khumeini said that Muhammed Sala Allah Aleih Wa Salam (and all other prophets {his exact words}) has failed in completing the Islam and making justice and we have to wait for Al Mahdi

    So there is no harm from their point of view to add anything to Islam

    Edit: sure

    *in Arabic*

    The first link his saying: "Muhammed failed in completing Islam"

    The second: "Muhammed failed in making justice"

    The third: "Muhammed failed in building a government"

    Also he said that because of Muhammed failure we are divided!

    btw the way last year a Shia'a Alim in Kuwait during Juma'a Khutba blamed Muhammed for all our current problems and he said that Muhammed did many MISTAKES!

    I have the recording if you want it

    Edit: ask Shia'a maybe they can help you, this Kaffir was very famous and they translated his Kuffur to English many times

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    We weren't created by text. All of these religious texts are communicated through flawed human language. I'm not sure what created me but it sure wasn't a book, although they are good examples of the collective human experience of spirituality. Its hard to believe that for the thousands of years books and paper were unavailable to the masses and the religious texts were used as law no one in power wanted to alter them. That goes for all religions. Take it with a grain of salt.

    Source(s): I'm unqualified to answer this question..but thats my 2 cents.
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    It's a sin to add anything to Islam, period'

    The Quran does praise Mohammad. But that doesn't mean Allah, his religion Islam, and his words the Quran are 'incomplete' without Mohammad.

    If you want to add one holy figure, you might as well add another.

    P.S. I'm a non-Muslim (or ex-Muslim) who knows a heck of a lot about Islam.

    Edit, no offense taken. Even if was intended.

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    i thought you left the yahoo answers cuz i was not looking you here.

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    yes it is

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    hmm? shia dont change islam :)

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