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Google Earth maps?

Well i have the newest version of Google earth and my house was built 2 years ago and my photos not there why is that what year are the photos and when will they be up-dated and is Goggle Earth good or is there a better program by the way im in Australia if that helps and 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER

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    It seems that google earth hasn't been updated for a while, I have saw buildings that are no longer standing that are still showing up...

    Try going to

    search your address, once it comes up click on "aerial image" on the top right of the map and see if it is any better, it is when I use it!

    Good Luck

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    The overhead maps on Google have been photographed in the last couple years. I looked up my house and my neighbor's new lawn shows up, so I know the photo was taken in the last year. About 6 months ago, there was a different picture, not so clear, and definitely from about 2 years ago. I think some areas are more photographed than others, especially if there's major development in the area going on.

    As for when the will update it, well that's up to the Google folks. I know they're still working on the overhead maps, and really pushing to get the street views done, which take much more effort than the overheads. I know that Google has overhead views of the whole earth, but only limited areas that can be zoomed in to the neighborhood level.

    I can't say when their timeline is, and Google seems a bit close-mouthed on the subject, and that may be because they don't want potential competitors to have a clear view of their direction.

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    even the google earth is updating very faster , it will not cover some of the places means some particular areas it is not updating. it may be any technical error from their side .. even for me i can see my new home through that and i can not look into my uncles home which is older than mine and having only 17 kms distance by that area places are not clear too. you can try for once. or else you can download the new version of google earth (i think it is 4.2 vs ) where you can see the 4second animation pictures. . also you can give a feed back in the site

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    If the picture was taken by Digital Globe: Open the "More" layer and click on the "Digital Globe Coverage" layer. Click on the box over your region and it will tell you the date. If it was not taken by Digital Globe, then there is no official way to tell. As for why the imagery is old: Google has to use other companies satelite imagery; if there is no up to date imagery of your area, they are forced to use an old image.

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    Google earth data base is updated periodically, satellite imagery is about 1 to 3 years old.You can see what location is recently updated with high resolution imagery here

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