populations stats?

Sample of 200 russian adults are surveyed. They are given a list of words and asked to indicate how well these words describe their thoughts about the internet. They can answer strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree. they were given words such as time consuming, fun, etc etc

What is the population in this survey?

a) the 200 people interviewed

b) the words that were given

c) all russian adults

d) all russians

e) all adults

f) The words that are tested

When i was trying the question i selected the 200 people interviewed which was wrong. Whats the right answer and why?



thats where am confused. Thats all the question says

Update 2:

if it helps, the topic this question is under is Random Sampling. In statistics

Update 3:

am thinking it could be: All Russian Adults. But not sure?

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    In statistics, the word "population" means "the entire collection of things one is studying". That is, it's all the possible members of the set or class of interest. For instance, if one is studying the reliability of lightbulbs from a factory, then its ALL the lightbulbs produced by that factory. If one is studying how people will vote in the upcoming election, then the population is all eligible voters (or perhaps all eligible voters who are likely to vote). If it's the ethnic makeup of the residents of a country, then the population is every resident of that country.

    Populations are different from "samples" "Samples" are subsets of the population being studied. Almost all of statistics is aimed at inferring one or more properties of the population from samples of that population. For parge populations, it's usually not practical to measure or determine the quantity of interest for every member of that population, so we have to resort to making measurements on just a subset of that population, and then relate those measurements to the entire population.

    In your case, the population is all Russian adults. The sample was the 200 adults actually being interviewed.

  • when you say population, what do you mean? a population is usually the number of people but then this cannot be applied to the words that were given. :s

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