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Can you help me to write a story about A Magic Ring?


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    A Magic Ring

    Last week, I was on the way to school.When I was walking along the street, I have found something on the street. It was small and bright. And then, I walked near the thing and had a look. I found that it was a silver ring so I picked it up and put it into my pocket.

    When I arrived at school, I found that I forgot the English dictation today. I was so worried about it. I thought that I must be fail the dictation. When I had the English lesson, I was so nervous. It was because I did not know how to write the words. Suddenly, I felt something moving in my pocket. It was the silver ring that I picked it before. I wore the ring on my finger then. Suddenly, I could know about the words of the dictation. It was so amusing. As the result, I got the high marks in the dictation.

    At last, I believed that I found a magic ring and it helped me to solve my problem in my life so that I did not revise my books anymore. One day, I lost it because my mother washed my jacket and threw it away. I was so upset but I understood that I could not rely on it. I must revise books by myself.

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