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用messy,meomory and disgusting造句.!!




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    1) messy

    a. He has just been through a particularly messy divorce.

    b. He only cleans up his room when it gets really messy.

    c. Does my hair look messy?

    2) memory

    a. She has a terrible memory for names.

    b. If my memory serves me correctly, he lived in Paris for a while.

    c. The image has remained in my memory ever since.

    3) disgusting

    a. Smoking is a really disgusting habit.

    b. Rubbish was piled everywhere - it was disgusting.

    c. Sixty pounds for a thirty-minute consultation. I think that is disgusting!

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    MongKok is very messy

    Rat is very disgusting

    IT is memory or meomory?

    If it is memory,then

    Reading can improve our memory

    Hope can help you ^.^v

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