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    The different of shopping Centro with the night market

    People love to shop and there are many kind of shopping ways. Business people set up different direction. They make buyer have any chooses. I pick up two different kind of shopping ways, as shopping Centro and night market.

    Some of people prefer to stay at the big building and enjoy the air-conditioner, some of them rather buy some cheap and fashion stuff than high-level stuff, then they would go for shopping at night markets. I think big shopping Centro is for the people are rich and have spare times at all times, such as noble people, they love to look rich and special. I believed that night market is for some young adults, and they only got time at the night, in the night market, there are much more popular things than shopping Centro, it reflect young adults favors, they love to become fashionable.

    Any people has their own idea of shopping; include the thing you eat, the stuff you use, the place you live and the thing makes you enjoy. However this all are just for shopping, where is better than you would chose it.



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