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(1) Moved by the suffering he witnessed in a land

supposedly dedicated to freedom


Problematic behavior stems from complex emotional forces and expresses itself in numerous froms, each of which requires specialized strategies. In addition, a manager's own attitudes and behaviors--discomfort with cinflict, a desire to be right, a tendency to make a dispute about personality and character rather than behavior-- can fruther complicate the situation. But an understanding of the forces behind difficult behavior, combined with a little self-reflection and communication know-how,...


有錯字更正: in numerous forms

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    (1)由於目睹島上的蒙難而內心震動, 支持他獻身於獨立自由.

    (2)問題行為源自於複雜感情力量並以各種需要特殊策略的形式來表達它自身. 此外, 管理者的本身態度和行為 -- 因鬥爭(conflict), 渴望正義, 頃向於因個性或特質而非行為而爭執 所帶來的不安 -- 會更深一層(further)將情行複雜化. 但不同行為背後力量的認知, 結合了少許自我反射和溝通竅門, ....

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    discomfort with ... 翻做 "不安於..." 較恰當

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