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政謀 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

有人能幫忙翻這段期刊原文嗎? 拜託了

Analyses of fecal Short-Chain Fatty Acids

A portion(0.5g per mouse) of the wet fecal composite was analyzed for acetate, propionate, i-butyrate and n-butyrate with 4-methy-n-valeric acid as an internal standard, as described previously. The SCFAs obtained from samples were dissolved in 10% phosphoric acid solution right before they were injected onto a gas chromatography(QC-14B,Shimadzu, Tokyo, Japan) fitted with a glass capillary column(0.25mm, 30m Stabilwax-DA, Restek Corp, Bellefonte,PA) and a flame ionization detector. The initial temperature of oven was 100C and was raised to 200C at 6C/min. The temperature of the injection port and detector was 205C, respectively. The flow rate of carrier gas, N2, was adjusted to be 1mL/min. peak areas were analyzed with C-R6A chromatopac(Shimadzu Corp, Tokyo, Japan).

Statistical Analysis

Data were expressed as means +- standard deviation(SD). Effects of diets were analyzed by one-way ANOVA using SPSS software(SPSS for Windows, version 10.0;SPSS Inc,Chicago,IL), followed by Tukeys test. Differences between groups were considered significant only as p<0.05.





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    0.5克百分之鼠標)的濕糞綜合分析,為乙酸,丙酸,我-丁酸和正丁酯4 -甲基-正戊酸酸作為一種內部標準,它描述了以前。該scfas索取樣品溶解在10 %磷酸溶液中的權益,才會被注射到氣相色譜(御用大律師-第14B島津,東京,日本) ,裝有一個玻璃毛細管柱( 0.25毫米,三十米stabilwax達, restek總公司,貝爾豐特, PA )和火焰離子化檢測器。初始溫度的烘箱是100c和提高至200 C在6c/min 。溫度注射港口及探測器205c ,分別。流速:載氣,氮氣,作了調整,以得到1ml/min 。峰面積進行了分析與C r6a chromatopac (島津公司,日本東京) 。


    數據表示為手段+ -標準偏差(標準差) 。不同餌料進行了分析,由一個單向方差分析用SPSS統計軟件( SPSS的視窗版本10.0 ; SPSS的公司,芝加哥,白細胞介素) ,其次是tukeys考驗。分歧群體被認為是顯著的,只有當p < 0.05 。

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