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英文超急~自傳英文翻譯 20點







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    It is because I feel that overseas universities are more suitable for me. I understand that there are differences between China and other foreign countries in terms of the educational structure, the learning methodology as well as the mentality and thinkings of the students. Although it allows students to cultivate a hardworking spirit, the education in China undoubtedly results in students having more rigid thinkings as compared to their counterparts overseas. With a focus on the quality of education, students studying overseas are encouraged to be creative in their thinkings.

    In addition, I would like to choose a conducive learning environment, learn a new language and be exposed to some advanced knowledge so as to be able to contribute to my country in the future.

    The reasons for choosing your country are:

    1)The world known Taiwanese' perseverance and unity;

    2)the courtesy and passion displayed to others.

    These have touched the heart of many, including my own. I believe that, it is equally important to learn these virtues in treating others, as well as absorbing knowledge. Combining the goodness of traditions and modernity, I feel that Taiwan can provide a all-rounded learning environment for me.

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    Because the university where I think it foreign suits me even more. No matter the structure of education that I know China, there are places not used with foreign country in or students' learning methods and modes of thinking. Chinese education, students' mode of thinking is more inflexible. Certainly because of this kind of study environment , or have spirit diligently to Chinese students further. And foreign education pays attention to quality-oriented education even more, it is imbued with innovation that students' thinking is very active.

    Secondly, I want to choose a good environment, study a kind of new language, and some advanced cultural knowledge, make oneself become useful material that the motherland needs in the future

    I choose several following reasons expensivly and state-runly:

    The tough and tensile and united morality of the people in Taiwan has been approved by the whole world and shown admiration, normal etiquette and treating others of people in Taiwan is friendly and hospitable and very moving.

    I think I study these outstanding morality of getting along with people and dealing with matters, and study the thing with equally important knowledge.

    Taiwan can offer the wide study space to me in all fields as the traditional country modern and very easy to combine

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