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大家好!!麻煩精專歌德作品的大家幫我解答一下The Sorrows Of the Werther的問題...我想問~

1.A.Werther and Albert's relationship.

B.Albert and Charlotte's relationship.

C.Charlotte and Werther's relationship

2.Did Charlotte love Werther?find evidence and argue that she did or didn't love him.

4.Why does Werther keeping loving Charlotte even though she has married Albert?In exploring this topic, find passages in the novel that describe Werther's anguish.

5.Why do you suppose Werther is so emotional and lighthearted in Book One, which is set in a small village in the countryside, while he is so critical of others and unhappy after moving to his new job at the embassy?

6.Why did the Goethe divid The SOrrows of Young Werther into two books? Describe the events in each book in your explanation.




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    Werther and Albert they both love Charlotte, but Albert is her fiancee (later they got married).

    so they are love opponents.

    werther 和 albert 都愛上 charlotte. 但是 albert 是她的未婚夫 (後來她們結婚了)



    albert and charlotte are going to get married, and they know each

    other in a young age. charlotte's father wants albert to take care of

    charlotte, so in a way, they seem to be a happy couple.

    albert 和 charlotte 是彼此結婚的對象 他們也是從小就認識了

    charlotte 的父親 希望albert 來照顧 charlotte. 所以 以某種程度來說 他們看起來是感情不錯的情侶


    charlotte and werther appears to be like close friends. yet, it is clear

    that werther loves charlotte; and she is fond of him as well. but due to

    social constrains, they can't love each other in charlotte's mind.

    charlotte 和 werther 看起來像是很好的朋友

    但是很明顯的 wether 是愛上了 charlotte. charlotte 也對他很有好感. 但是基於社會的約束 她認為他們是不能愛上對方的


    charlotte definitely doesn't love werther the way he loves her.

    it is only fair to say that she does get very fond of his talents, and she

    likes to have him around. however, in the end when werther kissed

    her, she got really mad because werther is not suppose to do that.

    charlotte 當然不像werther 這麼愛她一樣的愛 werther

    只能說她對 werther 的才華十分欣賞 也喜歡有他在身邊

    但是 在最後 werther 親她的時候 她非常生氣 因為 werther 是不應該這樣做的


    werther somehow associates himself with the tragic characters in Hommer's poems. thus, he doesn't really try to release himself from the sorrowful emotion. the fact that he left

    charlotte's house, and not seeing her for quite a while, expalins his aner for not being able to have her.

    werther 某種程度把他自己當成荷馬史詩裡的悲劇人物一樣

    所以他也沒有想把自己從這種痛苦的情緒之中 解放出來

    他離開 charlotte 的家 也有好一陣子 沒見他 表現了他對沒辦法擁有 charlotte 是很生氣的

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    in the beginning, werther was very passionate about life. he thinks Nature is the best painter, and he is really delighted to find that. also, meeting a lot of innocent, kind people makes him happy. werther is into purity and Goodness. As he move to the city, he is disappointed at how

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    human interaction is not very complicated and canny. therefore, not only werther is not used to it, he is also extremely unhappy.

    剛開始的時候 werther 對生命充滿熱情. 他認為大自然是最好的畫家 也為此很滿足. 加上遇見了很多天真 善良的人們讓他很快樂. werther 喜歡純真和善良. 所以他搬去城市裡 發現人際關係和是複雜 爾虞我詐的 所以他很不習慣 也很不快樂

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    between the two books shows a happy and unhappy version of wether. the letters he wrote to his friend in the first book shows werther is content in his life.

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    during the second book, he committed suicide after he was rejected by charlotte, which shows clearly he is unable to handle his sorrows anymore.

    兩本書 寫的是高興版和悲哀的 werther. 第一篇裡面 他寫給他朋友的信中 表現出了他對生活的滿足 而第二篇 他在被 charlotte 拒絕後就自殺了 明顯的表現出 他無法在控制自己的痛了了

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