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世界上  我最看不上2種人了

第一.白目又欠罵 第二.不是我的喜歡的類型


卻我討厭的人一直糾纏我  我就像被鬼纏住一樣

我喜歡的他 如果他跟女生一起 我有一種莫名的生氣

想對他說我喜歡你 但是我沒勇氣 我還要忍多久呢




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  • 1 decade ago
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    I can not take a fancy to 2 most in the world Have planted people

    第一.白目又欠罵 第二.不是我的喜歡的類型

    First The white eye is owed and scolded again  Second It is not my type liked


    Why person that I like have much girl students like him always?

    我討厭的人卻一直糾纏我  我就像被鬼纏住一樣

    (1)I disagreeable person pester me straight  Just as pestering by spirit

    (2)But my disagreeable person has been pestering me just as pestering by spirit all the time


    He of my liking

    如果他跟女生一起 我有一種莫名的生氣

    If he I have one a baffled one angry with girl student

    想對他說我喜歡你 但是我沒勇氣

    Is it say to him I like you to want But I have no courage


    How long will I bear?

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are two different kinds of people that i'm not interested at in the world.

    First one is the one who is acting like an idiot and always got told off.

    Second one is the type that i don't like.

    Why the one i like always have lots of girls into him?

    But the one i don't like is keep harass me, I just like got harass from the ghost.

    I've some kind of anger if I see the guy i like be with other girls.

    I want to say "I like you" to him, but i don't have guts. How long I have to bear?

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  • 1 decade ago

    In the world I most had a liking for 2 kind of people Bai Muyu owes scolds the type which 2. is not I likes

    Why I do like the person always can have many female students

    also to like him?

    Actually my repugnant person continuously pesters my me to tie down on

    the picture by the ghost is same

    I like he if he has one kind of inexplicable vitality together

    with female student me

    Wants to him to say how long I do like you but I not having the

    courage I also to have to endure

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