What is BPA in baby bottles?

I was just reading about the recall of bottles. I was wondering what it is? What makes it bad and the effects? And also, I use playtex ventair standard, is it in those bottles?

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    BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a hormone disruptor found in many baby bottles. It is a chemical used to make hard plastic, namely the recyclable #7, polycarbonate. As a hormone disruptor, it can cause abnormal growth of organs, including the brain.

    You should look for baby bottles that say "BPA-free" on their packaging or another alternative is to use glass bottles now available much more readily than they were just a few years ago (BabiesRus - Evenflo, Born-Free, and others)

    According to this website (http://zrecs.blogspot.com/2007/11/z-report-bpa-pla... Ventaire does contain BPA. Playtex plans to go BPA free by the end of 2008, however.

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    There is no recall on bottles. BPA is just one chemical used in rigid clear plastic. ALL plastics will release chemicals when heated. What you can do is wash your bottles by hand, and don't heat them in a microwave. Instead, put your milk into a glass measuring cup, heat and pour into the bottle. OR you can put the bottle, milk and all, into hot tap water to warm (typically most water heaters are set no higher than 120 F).

    Bottles only need to be washed with a bottle brush in dishwashing soap. A dishwasher with a sterilizing feature may actually overheat the bottle, but a standard dishwasher should be just fine.

    While the link below is definitely biased, I wanted to point out that while problems have been shown in mice, it has not been substantiated as a problem in humans. Be aware that some of the studies referred to in the first link have not been repeatable.

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    A very unhealthy chemical found in plastic....

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