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Need to escape...should I join an Alaskan fishing expedition?

Hey, I'm in med school and feel like taking some time off. I may return, may not. I need to find something to do meanwhile...has anyone been on an Alaskan fishing expedition or knows anyone who has done this? I hear the pay is good and I feel like it would be a good escape for me. I haven't thought about for how long, it's just an idea I'm entertaining.


I imagined it would be strenuous--can you clarify though? Also what counts as outsiders? The ruggedness contributes to its allure...but I want to have an idea of what I would be getting into.

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    Well the other answer is right on the money. I live in Alaska and know a few commercial fishermen. You have to find a skipper who knows what he is doing. Most skippers charge all hands for bunk space, food, etc, So that comes out of the percentage you get from the catch.

    As said; its LONG hours and hard work. But on the right boat with the right skipper you can make money.

    There is a fellow Alaskan here named fishsteelhead who can answer this better as he worked on such boats. Give him some time and I am sure he will fill ya in.

    I can tell you this though; you WILL fall in love with Alaska. And you will have memories for a lifetime. I have worked or lived in almost every state in the lower 48 and NONE compare to Alaska.

    If you go to my profile there is a link to a friends site with photos of my area of Alaska in the inside passage.

    If you want to email fishsteelhead here is the link to his profile;;_ylt=AhwOAtTcv...

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    Options, there are some other very interesting jobs @ This site is about working for Lodges & Resorts, and I guess some actually pay fairly decent wages, but as stated by the others, it is contractual for the season, and the hours will be long in most instances, but your time off is yours to do what you want. Check out the Alaskan section, seems there are a # of lodges looking for able-bodied personnel, and your medical background should be a big + for securing a decent wage. And it's got to be less dangerous than roughing it out there on the ocean.

    Ahh!....... If only I were even twenty years younger, & didn't have the 2 steel rods, with the six screws in my back, I'd take a crack @ it, as I've always had the wanderlust bug as far back as I can remember ( and that's been awhile). I have a niece that just graduated from some med college in Chi-town, and is going to do 2yrs of research for the school @ 60 K a yr, so I've been leaning on my daughters to get serious about getting some type/form of degrees, but it is tough as they are raising their own families. Hang in there, and get that degree after you take a respite from the grind.

    Goodluck & Good fishing

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    If you are referring to getting a job on a crab boat, be aware there are only 80 boats in the entire fleet. The odds of getting an NBA, MLB or NFL contract by comparison would be much greater. If you are not tight with a boat owner or have no one that will highly recommend you as a "greenhorn" then that might not be the best career move for an aspiring M.D.

    The fishing charter boats in Alaska and on the Gulf Coast may be worthy of consideration too. I sometimes wish I had done that when I was young and dumb (no implication on you by any stretch).

    Best of luck to you in following after your dreams.

    Source(s): 20 years in the electrical contracting business...most of which I had rather of spent fishing!
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    Honestly, yes, the pay is good, but the work is very, VERY rough, and there just aren't that many job openings for outsiders. If you're really thinking about it, I'd start surfing thru some online newspapers for help wanted ads. Try the Alaska Daily News for starters. (

    Good luck, but keep in mind, once you're on the water, if it's a 30 day trip, you HAVE to stick with it & pull your weight until you get back to port. You can't change your mind a day or so out. :)

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    Check out "Deadliest Catch" on the discovery channel. It's about fishing for Alaskan crab, but I would imagine the other commercial fishing is pretty close to the same.

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    Ive known people who have, its hard work and pretty strenuous, if you are a practical kind of person then go for it, but it has its dangers, you don't get paid much and can mean being at sea for long periods of time.

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