Are there are child car seat possession laws in Idaho? Read below please.?

I've heard of something similar in Texas, but I don't know about Idaho, when dealing with child custody issues, can one of the parents withhold the carseats or do they belong to the child? Any help and sources are appreciated.


This question was asked for a friend. We're trying to find out his rights because his ex won't give him the carseats.

Update 2:

Is anyone reading that this is for a friend?? Please don't direct things towards me.

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    It's not child endangerment. Idaho law states:

    TITLE 32


    CHAPTER 10



    neglects to provide articles necessary for his child who is under his charge,

    according to his circumstances, a third person may in good faith supply such

    necessaries, and recover the reasonable value thereof from the parent.

    This means that each parent is to provide what is necessary for the child while the child is with them. In other words, they have to provide their own car seat.

    Texas law is much the same:


    POSSESSION. Unless limited by court order, a parent appointed as a conservator of a child has the following rights and duties during the period that the parent has possession of the child:

    (1) the duty of care, control, protection, and

    reasonable discipline of the child;

    (2) the duty to support the child, including providing

    the child with clothing, food, shelter, and medical and dental care not involving an invasive procedure;

    Also, don't ever buy a used car seat. You never know how old it may be or if it may have been damaged in some way that could cause it to fail in the event of an accident.

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    If I go out and buy a car seat for me to use when I have my kids then it's mine. Get your own. Then again, if they were owned by the two of you as a couple before you tanked your relationship then you should share them.

    I wouldn't say it's child endangerment to keep the car seat from the ex. I'd say its child endangerment if the ex took the kids without one. Buy one if you need it. you can find them used cheap enough online.

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    In child custody you are to do what is in the best interest of the child. Keeping a car seat from another parent would be child endangerment on your part. Best thing is to share the car seat if you can't get your own.

    Source(s): paralegal researcher
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    i don't comprehend the guidelines, yet i comprehend appropriate prepare: -childrens would desire to be rear dealing with as long as plausible, on the very minimum as much as age 2 -childrens would desire to apply a vehicle seat with a harness as long as plausible- a minimum of while the youngster is the two 4 years previous and 40 lbs (besides the fact that for me, i do no longer think of any baby is waiting for a booster till age 5 or 6) -childrens would desire to apply a booster seat till they are 4 ft 9 inches tall (uk i think has a 4 ft 5 inches regulation for babies under 12) No baby would desire to ever be in any form of booster seat at age 3! that youngster is going to die in a crash. explanation why a baby would desire to be a minimum of four years previous is through bone progression. in the previous age 4, childrens have not got the bone progression to take the stress of a three element seat belt. If the youngster weights under 40 lbs, they have an greater effective possibility of submaring under the lap part of the belt, which the two skill ejection or extreme inner bleeding, which even the appropriate surgeons can't restoration. i don't comprehend approximately roads interior the united kingdom or on the information of loss of life interior the united kingdom for babies, yet interior america, vehicle crashes are the main advantageous reason for injury, incapacity, and loss of life for babies under 12 years of age.

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    Just buy a new child carseat come on! Both of you should have one anyway for emergency situations.

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    They should belong to one of you or the other.

    They are property and a child can not own property.

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