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I have two 3G phones and both are with Globe Telecom here in the Philippines. One has HSDPA and the other is just regular 3G. I did connection speed test on both phones using a third party browser and in-built browser. I found the results to be around 4.6Mbps at night time and from 3.11 to 2.4 during daytime. Are these correct? And why are the two phones showing roughly the same values when the other one supposedly has a better technology? Am I merely getting measurements of Globe's server connection speeds? However, it must be true because I can download full MP3 files in both phones in no more than 5 minutes at the shortest. Someone explain, please?


yes. but don't you realize there are others as well who post question here not related to travel nor the philippines? i only am trying to make sure i get responses from those who are in the philippines. and that's how it is mostly with other people who posts irrelevant questions here.

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    If, as per your experiment, both phones are downloading at the same speed, then it means download speed is not dependent on the capability of the phone. Otherwise, the more high tech phone should have a faster download speed, right? So in this case, another factor must be determining the download speed and I think you are right in thinking that it might be Globe's server connection speed. Unless there is some way for you to figure out the speed of the modem or browser that each phone has, like looking for it in the technical specs in your phone's manual.

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    i think your question should be in telecommunications section

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