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who is the best skater?

i would think bam magera and jamie thomas.

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    Jamie Thomas is very good and has the respect of all real skaters, he is a "real" street skater, really pushed handrail skating for years and is a legit company owner

    Bam is more of a tv phenomenon.. he WAS good and pro for legit companies before his tv fame, alas has slipped off a lot since then. Even back in the day he was considered good but not a great.

    Shawn White is just a contest skater, and is ignored by the industry and genuine skaters - basically he's just a "made for x games" trick monkey; skating isn't just about contests and some of the best skaters out there never enter them.

    "The best skater" is almost impossible to define, as people are good in different ways. Many people think that Eric Koston is one of the best, along with people like Guy Mariano, Chris Cole, John Cardiel (when he heals), Rodney Mullen (not so much anymore as he is getting on, but he made an eternal mark on skating), Mike Mo Capaldi, Mark Johnson.. there's basically quite a list of people who are on that level but skate in different ways

    If I *had* to say someone though, I'd say Koston.. always the benchmark for so many years

    Source(s): Writer for Document magazine for 3 years
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    shawn white.

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    bam magera rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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