Is this photography book out of date regarding stock photography?

I bought a 'new' book with a publication date of 2000 that's about stock photography--250 pages long & 200 of them on how to set up your own specialized online stock photo company. The author's had a business for 40 years. The information he provides seems hopelessly out of date. He claims you can make a good living if you find a niche with your own copyrighted photographs. Sure, if you started 40 years ago maybe. But is his advice basically worthless nowadays since photography has gone online and digital? I think so, and I want my money back--in fact it seems just about every marketing book on photography published before 2005 or so is out of date. True?

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    1 decade ago
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    No, the principles of marketing remain the same. The methods may have changed, but it is still true, find a niche! For real up to date info get the latest copy of Photographers Market. There are some marketing tips in the first few pages of the book as well as hundreds of places to market your photos.

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