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Are candidates not discussing the impact of government fiscal irresponsibility on inflation because they don't

understand it?

Inflation for dummies:


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What do you think the impact on the economy will be of the huge planned spending programs the three frontrunner candidates plan?

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    1 decade ago
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    Geez, it's a long video. WHen I was in ELEMENTARY school, we were taught several times that if we print more money, it would cause inflation. My teachers shook their heads when the children keep saying that we can pay off the national debt if we just print more money. Our Money is the base of the world economy, because peopel feel it is secure. When we monkey around with this money, it destabilize not only our economy, but the worlds. How are people going to feel safe if we just print more money everytime we get in trouble. One of the problem is that our leaders have a larger ego than a brain. One of the most common complaints was that when Alan Greenspan try to give a basic economic lesson to our congressmen, they refuse to listen. I was taught in grade school that inflation is not bad as long as interest rate was higher. Now our government is promoting an irresponsible life style and forcing people to prop up a house of cards. They tell me that I ahve to put my money into The stock market to get ahead of inflation, but when I point out what would happen to the stock market when the Baby boomers start retiring and take out their retirement money, some go silent and others say the crash resulting from it is far away. The problem is not that our candidates are not familiar with basic economics, but the problem is that the public is ignorant of it. I keep hearing that the public wants our economy to grow non stop, and refuse to tolerate a cyclic economy. I listen to an arguement against England bailing out one of their banks from the Subprime mess. THe problem the ENglish complain , is if they start doing it, then they will end up constantly bailing out companies from their own mess. We need to encourage responsible behavior. My feeling is that the subprime mess was partly because the people who bought into loans they can't afford, thought our government will bail them out when it fails.

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    1 decade ago

    They may not fully understand it, but I think the truth is they know they're not supposed to talk about it.

    Personally, I think McCain doesn't get it, but the other two probably do. And I know that none of the three dare to talk about the real causes of our economic crisis because...

    1. The Fed, and its control over the issuance of our currency, is central to the power structure that put these 3 candidates in place.

    2. The devaluation of the dollar and the financial war against the middle class serves their interests and the interests of globalization (this monetary policy will eventually lead us to the Amero).

    3. because if they WERE outspoken about this "dirty little secret," well, they wouldn't be mainstream candidates for much longer, would they? Look at what happened to Ron Paul!

    Good video, by the way. I saw that debate towards the end, look at McCain and Romney smirking at Dr. Paul, and the cameras keep panning over to their smirking CFR faces. But all the CFR candidates know he's right, they know the score! They're just playing their parts and hoping that he doesn't reveal too much in the time allotted.

    They all do this same smirk/head shake move whenever he starts talking, I've seen it in all the debates. They were instructed to do this, I'm sure of it!

    For more good economics info, check these out:

    Ron Paul Schools Fed Chairman Bernanke:


    "Money as Debt" an educational cartoon:


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    Until they are actually IN the job NO ONE could possibly understand all of the Ins and Outs of the economy at that level.

    I think circumstances will dictate what happens with the economy. The same as it always has.

    This is a global economy.

    We as a Country will take some hits....

    We'll prevail as history has shown we will.

  • R J
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    1 decade ago

    They all are backed and have the connecttions and have to agree with Chucky the kitty thats about it. I for one am more interested in who they know and pardoned. naw.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've been hearing this crap since I started voting 30 yrs ago . This ploy is used by Republicans to get a vote . And so ain't religon ! REBADURCHY !

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