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How do you get oil paint out of your clothes/?

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    Hi, My son got red oil based paint on a ski jacket and it dried. Thanks to the help of this girl she recommended a product called Goof Off. I got it at a Benjamin Moore paint store. She said to work it in with a tooth brush and keep applying til the paint was gone. You might have to wash it and apply it again. Just make sure you do not put the garment in the dryer till the paint is all out or else it is there forever. I was able to get the paint out thanks to her advice whereas a lot of people told me this brand new ski jacket was toast. Hope this helps.

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    You can't unfortunately.

    If it's wet, you can try to scrub at it with some acetone or paint remover and then rinse it in water. If the the paint has dried, you are pretty much SOL. Tiny drips can sometimes be removed by plucking at it with a fingernail.

    Source(s): me ~ artist
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    I dont think you can, thats why oil artists use aprons or some old shirt when they work.

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    lacquer thinner pour small amount on area and let stand rinse then scrub with soap and water then launder as usual

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