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What Legendary Wrestler would make an Great Manager?

outta these wrestlers pick what other wrestler would they manage

Shawn Michaels

Bret Hart


Ric Flair


Ricky Steamboat

Bob Orton

Dusty Rhodes

Jerry Lawler

Harley Race

Kurt Angle


pick what wrestler would they manage and would they be a Heel or Face?

How many titles would these Managers Lead there Wrestler/person they are managing too?

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    Shawn Michaels-John Morrison

    Bret Hart-DH Smith&Teddy Hart


    Ric Flair-His Sons

    Sting-AJ Styles

    Ricky Steamboat-Londrick

    Bob Orton-Randy Orton

    Dusty Rhodes-His Sons

    Jerry Lawler-His son Brian

    Harley Race-Lacey von Erich

    Kurt Angle-Shelton Benjamin &Charlie Haas

    HHH-Aurora Rose years from now.

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    Ric Flair would manage some of the new heels coming into the WWE, Ricky Steamboat would manage some of the new faces in the WWE

    Bob Orton-Randy Orton(heel) 1 or 2 titles

    Dusty Rhodes-Cody Rhodes (face) 2 or 3 titles

    Harley Race-Triple H (face) 5 or 6 titles

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    Ric Flair has proven that he is a great heel manager. His stint as Triple H's manager from 2002-2003 and as part of Evolution was great. He has the charisma to get his man over with the crowd. He can take the burden of cutting promos off of the wrestler and make him sound like one of the best heels ever. Ric Flair could manage any wrestler to any championship he wanted to. I'd like to see Flair managing a bunch of young heels, much like Bobby Heenan did in the 80s and 90s.

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    Flair, Steamboat and Hart are the top three that catch my eye on that list.

    I can see Flair and HHH back together again.....maybe recreating the 4 Horseman with Michaels, Batista and Lance Cade. NO seriously...Lance Cade.

    Steamboat would be a face manager, giving his expertise to new talent that just does not have the mic skills. He could even go Hell for a while and feud with C.M. Punk via the old ROH feud.

    Now Hart is the Wild card. I seen him on both sides of the coin and he's a very good talker. I could see him working with Petey Williams or The Ballard Brothers in a Pro-Canadian stable. I think the WWE needs to think about that.

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    Triple H.... the wrestlers he would manage:

    Randy Orton-heel-1 or 2 title shots

    Kurt Angle-heel-2 or 3 title shots

    HBK-Face-4 or 5 title shots

    lol i did the best i could. :)

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    Ric Flair could come back to Raw as manager of his son Reid who would come up from FCW along with the following next-generation stars.

    Reid Flair.

    Ted DiBiase Jr.

    Mike DiBiase.

    David Milton.

    Joe Hennig.

    These stars could be the New Horsemen with Ric as their manager.A heel faction like their legendary predecessors, under Ric's expertise they could develop into talented Superstars.Like Evolution back in 2003, they could eventually control all the gold~ WWE World , Tags and maybe the IC title as well.

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    Nature boy to manage Triple H as face(that would be new for the crowd after their team as heels during evolution) to lead him to few title reigns but less than 16 times (that record should only remain with the nature boy)

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    Maybe not goat but these guys deserve recognition Manager - Jim Cornet, this guy definitely deserves some props Announcer - Joey Styles - he didn't need a foil and had a tremendous knowledge of wrestling Booker - Jeff/Jerry Jarrett TNA! TNA! Heel - Hulk Hogan, greatest heel turn ever ! and seriously at this point NO ONE likes the guy Face - The Ultimate Warrior, so what if he couldn't wrestle ,he cut the greatest promos in the business,had an unmatched intensity and the kids loved him

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    i pick ric flair because when your a manager i see you talking alot. and he has the best mic skills in the business. He could manage a young wrestler like cm punk as a heel

    he could manage punk to a us title run, and a world titler run

  • I can see ric flair a manager managing triple h to creat another stable like the four horseman.

    bob ortan and dusty rhodes were managers they would probably manage their sons in my opinion.

    well if the new hart foundation was here then I caould of seen him managing them.

    sure I can also see sting a manager if his son ever wanted to be a wrestler in my opinion. unless if there kids decide to get in the wrestling business in my opinion.

    the rest I don't see happening in my opinion.

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